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  1. Hello, I have a micrologix 1200 which is connected to a PanelView C400, the PLC had a Fault which I cleared and now it is OK and running, but the HMI that is connected to the PLC is now displaying Data Access Error for Alias /*S:0 Param2*/,Controller /*S:0 Param3*/, Address is /*S:0 Param4*/, Communication Flag is /*S:0 Param1*/ Communication cable is connected. Please Help. It's urgent. Regards,
  2. Hello, It is solved now, just a power issue. Thanks...
  3. Hello, I have a PanelView C400, the moment it powers up it starts the runtime without a provision to exit or to go to configuration. How can I access the HMI so that I upload the HMI application to my PC? Also, Can you assist me with USB RNDIS driver for Allen Bradley PanelView XP. I am using FactoryTalk View 5.0 ofr communication with RSLinx Entreprise. Regards,
  4. Dear all, I have a red flashing fault on my Micrologix 1200. Also, as soon as I connect it to PanelView C400, the inputs of the PLC get de-energized (but PLC is still on with red flahing fault). How, can we go about it? Regards,
  5. RSlinks port conflict

    Hello,  I just installed RSlogix 500 and RSlinks on Windows 7 32 bit. in other similar machines it worked fine. But on this one it is bringing the issue of port may be in use for all of the port up to 31. Therefore I cannot configure the drivers. Regards,
  6. SLC 5/03 CPU FAULT : Fault code=0001h

    Hi, thanks for replying. Yeah I remember seeing NVRAM error. No I haven't tried clearing. What about battery fault? Could i still use the PLC with a dead battery? Regards,
  7. Hello,  I am receiving this error Fault code=0001h after communicating with RS232. Bear in mind I also have a Battery fault. My battery has 0 volts as of right now. Is that related to Fault code=0001h ?  Regards,
  8. How can I connect a FX-16MR to HMI?

    Yes the PLC is that one. I have many different Siemens HMIs.
  9. Hello, Would you like to help connect a  a FX-16MR to HMI? Regards,
  10. Hello, I have received one CP1L PLC CPU for troubleshooting. It is password protected. Is there any way to solve it and backup the program? if no, is there any way to reset everything.?Regards,
  11. ERR led ON CMP1 CPU30

    Hi Bob, How could know if the PLC is dead after communicating?  Regards,
  12. ERR led ON CMP1 CPU30

    Hello, A power surge occurred in a plant and the ERR led on the  CMP1 CPU30  is now ON. If you have noticed I have a post referred to as Communication failed for CMP1 CPU30. Now that I am waiting for a new communication cable to be shipped, I would like to know what remedy is possible for this issue. Best Regards,  
  13. Communication failed for CMP1 CPU30

    Ok. Thanks a lot man.
  14. Communication failed for CMP1 CPU30

    Thanks for all your support. Now that I have decided to purchase a new cable. Which cable will assure communication between a PC and  an OMRON CMP1-30CDR-A-V1 . Regards,
  15. S7-400 EXTF LED ON

    Thanks, are you sure that's the problem? Without a battery and MMC it's okay for an  S7-400 CPU since it has got internal RAM.