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  1. Problem after adding EDS file

    HI Huy, I download AOP on AB website but just downloaded the version  version 1.06.05 release on 16 May 2012 . When I opened Install Note I found that version 1.06.05 release on 05/2009. Is this reason why I couldn’t change to version 2.2? What is version of AOP file that you download from Rockwell website? Thank you!  
  2. Problem after adding EDS file

    Hi Huy, I did as your advice but I still couldnot change module version to 2.002, even when i restart my computer. Should I re-install RSLogix 5000? Thank you!
  3. Problem after adding EDS file

    Thanks Huy, i will try to download and intstall add-on profile. I will inform u asap. Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Problem after adding EDS file

    Thanks Huy, i will try to download and intstall add-on profile. I will inform u asap. Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Problem after adding EDS file

    Hi Huy, I use RSLogix 5000 ver 20.3 and 19.01. I tried to add module in 2 version but it didn’t work. My form collegue who used this module and download to PLC ver 20.3. Now I upload program but it’s have question mark on this module. In properties of this module it said ver 2.002. Then i tried to install eds file, but the question mark doesnot disappear. So I try to create new project and add this module but had same problem: cannot change to ver 2.002. Do you have any idea about this problem? Thanks!
  6. Problem after adding EDS file

    Hi Expert, i have problem when adding eds file for module 1769-ASCII 2 Channel. I downloaded EDS file from Rockwell page, then using EDS installing tool to add Module EDS file for version 2.002. But when I added new module in RSLogix 5000, I couldnot change version of this module to 2.002. It just let me choose version 1.1 to 1.15. Can you give me some advice on that issue? Thank you so much!
  7. FTView: Global Objects

    Hi guys, I'm working with global object in  FTview. I don't know how to enter a constant integer or floating point in Value Cell of "Global Object Parameter Values" Pop-up. I read the manual and it said the value can be any string. Is it impossible to enter a constant number? And one more thing, is there any way to load the Value of Global Object without Display any screen. I mean, when clicking a global object, it has to be display a certain screen to have option load Parameter Tags. Is there anyway to load parameter tag without loading the screen? Thank you for you advices!
  8. I'm coverting a project SCADA from iFix to FTView. In iFix, it has a text that can change respectively following value of a tag "VAL" like: + If VAL has value 0 then the caption of the text is "Local". +  If VAL has value 1 then the caption of the text is "Remote". I wonder whether FTView can do this or not, and How? Thank you so much!
  9. FTV cannot run the runtime file

    Thanks for your quick reply kaiser_will, The problem was solved after I re-intalled the  FTView SE. I think it caused by installing the new driver of chipset CPU.
  10. FTV cannot run the runtime file

    Hi everyone, I have problem with FTV. I cannot run the runtime of FTV. Whenever I start runtime or run a *.cli file, it will be popup a window that inform APPCRASH information of displayclient.exe. I tried to reinstall FTV Studio Enterprise, FTV Site Edition Client, and .Net Framework but it still didn't work. Does anyone have same problem? Please help!
  11. Hi Pop, Sorry for late answer. WinCC began to run slowly after 2-3 weeks. I think that problem was caused by the large number of database that I saved in Microsoft SQL. Everyday, there were more than 36 rows of data which were inserted into a table. But I don't know how to accelerate the performance. Do you have an idea? Thanks
  12. I have a project that run WinCC in a PC that has configuration: Core i5, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB. WinCC connected to S7-1200. I built a runtime file, and set up Autostart in WinCC RT Start. At the beginning, it took about 1-2 minutes to open the runtime file, but now it takes me about 15 minutes to open it. In this project, I used VBscript to write data to database of Microsoft SQL 2008 in particular event. Can anyone give me some advise?
  13. HMI GOT Simple: Time Display

    Hi eveyone, I'm in trouble with time display in GOT Simple (GS 2107). The HMI connect to a Siemens PLC S7-1214C. I want to display a timer in HMI. In PLC the register of time duration has "Time"" format. It means the value of the timer register is hh:mm:ss:ms, example: 2m13s (2 minutes, 13 seconds). But in GT designer, it doesn't have time format. What should I do to display the time duration  to HMI? Thanks
  14. Register new EDS File for Inverter

    Thanks so much, guys. I also found this link, too. I will try and inform u soon.
  15. Hi, I'm newbie in Allen Bradley and I'm trying to learn. I have Logix Designer v24,  a demo with a 1756-L75 ControlLogix 5570 Controller, an Ethernet module 1756-EN2TR and an inverter Powerflex 525 Embeded Ethernet v4.1. First, I added PLC and Ethernet module, then I added the inverter module in ethernet module. Logix Designer only showed me revision 1.1 and 2.2 of Powerflex 525. I clicked Web Update button in "Module Definition" and it brought me to a EDS download website. I downloaded the EDS file for that Powerflex with revision 4.1 and used EDS Hardware Installation Tool in Logix Designer to register this new EDS file. But it didn't work. Please tell me how can I add new revision for Powerflex in Logix Designer