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  1. Delta HMI Screen Editor 1.05.83

    Does anyone have a direct link to the Screen Editor 1.05.83 software? It was available in the old Delta website, but now it is not available in the new Deltaww website. I need this version or later versions that can open DOP-A series HMI in windows 7 or 10   Thank you
  2. FX3U Battery Problem

    Hello, I need your help as I have a problem with the battery led in my FX3U, I tried to read the battery value via D8005 register and it gave me 8 which indicates 0.8 volt. However, the battery gives 3.2 when measured with the voltmeter! I tried to remove the battery and the program read 0.4 volts indicating that the PLC is seeing the battery.    
  3. Fuji POD editor UG00S-CWV4

    I have a UG430H-SS1 HMI and need its software program. I tried to search Fuji website and appears that the software needed is called POD editor UG00S-CWV4, however, I could not find it to download or buy. Could anyone help me find it? Thank you
  4. Hello all, I have a system that contains a s7 200 that communicates with TOP 270 HMI, the required data to be printed is a report chart that exists within the TOP 270. I tried to configure a printer with the HMI, but all efforts were in vain, I tried to change the language of the printer (Epson24, Epson9, PCL,....), but I could not print out any report. the Print function is programmed in the HMI, but it did not respond. One of the HMIs can't define the language of the printer, the other one could not recognize the printer at all and says that the connected device needs a driver. Is there a configuration that is needed to be done to the printer prior to connecting it to the HMI, or if I have to download a driver to the HMI?   Waiting to hear from you.
  5. Linking Printer to S7 200

    What type of printers can be linked to S7 200 CPUs and if there any special requirements?
  6. Linking Printer to S7 200

    Thanks sigmadelta for your response, it seems I got the wrong information.   The system contains a s7 200 that communicates with TOP 270 HMI, the required data to be printed is a report chart that exists within the TOP 270. I tried to configure a printer with HMI, but all efforts were in vain. One of the HMIs can't define the language of the printer, the other one could not recognize the printer at all and says that the connected device needs a driver.   Waiting to hear from you.
  7. Delta HMI Screen Editor 1.05.83

    Thank you @plcfans But this software is dedicated to TP series HMIs. I could not use it for DOP-A series.  
  8. Delta HMI Screen Editor 1.05.83

    The USB driver is in the program files in the C: path. But the program still fails to open the USB port! Hope this problem ends soon!
  9. Delta HMI Screen Editor 1.05.83

    I found the 86 edition of the software, however, I could not find the USB driver. Device manager could not recognize the HMI. This name is displayed in the device manager (s3c2410x). Could anyone help with this problem?
  10. I have a defected servo amplifier of a type  MR-J3-11KA4-LC078 that are dedicated for Injection molding machines. I tried to replace it with another one of the same type and size, however, I keep getting the (AL.37) error after downloading the parameters. I tried to ignore parameters dedicated to the manufacturer, but I got another error(AL.1A). which indicates a combination error between motor and amplifier.  I discovered that the motor is a 6kW motor (HF-SP601M4-S2), while the amplifier is 11kW. I tried to reconfigure the drive, however, I keep getting one of the two errors mentioned above. Can anyone help to solve the issue or to reconfigure the amplifier?   Thank you.
  11. Mitsubishi servo Drive, Motor combination error.

    We have been working on reconfiguring the hidden pars, however, still, we get the AL.37 error, after contacting the manufacturer, ee discovered that the amp has a special software dedicated to Yuken Company and that they use their own list of parameters. And this is why the values copied from the old one never will match the standard Mitsubishi parameters. Can anyone help with this type of software? the Yuken series is called ASR.
  12. Siemens Zeus Firefinder software

    Does anyone know how or where to get Zeus software for XLS firefighting panels from Siemens?   Thanks everyone
  13. MR-J2S-700B Programming

    Thank you very much all. I downloaded the  SETUP161E and will try to configuring as soon as I get the cable. Your help was really great. Thank you again.
  14. MR-J2S-700B Programming

    I have a Mitsubishi amplifier (MR-J2S-700B) and I need to transfer its parameters into a new one. Unlike other Mitsubishi servo amplifiers, this device has no pushbuttons beneath the 7-segment display. and I tried to use the manual to find a way to program and got nothing. Could you please help with this issue. Thank you in advance.
  15. Best Diesel Level Transmitter

    Hello all, I would like to ask about the best transmitter to measure the level of a diesel tank. the tank is 2.5m high and 1.85m in diameter. I was thinking of pressure transmitter, however, it is not clear for me how to convert pressure to level or to liters. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks
  16. Mitsubishi Inverter Protocol

    Hello Everybody I have a problem connecting FX3U to F700 using RS485 inverter protocol. I built the PLC example provided in the Data Communication manual to run the inverter, and then modified all required parameters in the inverter. Yet, as I run the PLC it says that the inverter is not responding. What could be the source of this problem? Is it a must to use twisted pair cables? as I am using ordinary wires.    
  17. Hello everyone, I have a problem connecting FX3U to F700 via Modbus, I wrote a simple program to initialize communication as the example in the communication manual and then programmed the inverter. I am using the fx3u-485-bd and the built in terminals in the F700, when I started the program, I noticed that the contact M8411 wasn't activated and the Register error D8402 has a value of 201 indicating hardware error. Is it possible to use FX3U-485-bd to start Modbus or I have to bring the Fx3u-cnv-bd with Fx3u-485adp-md? Thanks in advanced
  18. Hello Dears, I am trying to write a program in structured ladder. However, the timer will be adjusted by the user via HMI. I have no idea how to address this in  GX works 2 Structure, as it my first structure program. I also have no idea how to assign the time value i.e. seconds, minutes or hours in this case. Thank you in advanced.  
  19. Editable Timer in Structure Ladder

    Thank you Gambit. I see that there is no way to assign editable values to TON_E timers. I will manage to use the time as decimal values.  
  20. GOT 1000

    Good evening dear all, I need to program a GT1455 which is in another country, however, I have no idea whether  it is possible or not.  If it is possible by any means via internet, please provide me with the manual for such case.   thank you in advanced.  
  21. Goot 1000 Figures

    Hello Dears, I am trying to do some pump sketches for a project, I tried googling some pics and found this HMI interface. Is it possible to do such pics in my case? what I need is a manual or a guide to start bduilding such interface. I did built an interface for a huge furnace, however it wasn't as professional as this one. Thanks in advanced
  22. Goot 1000 Figures

    Aha I got it now. I thought it was built by the HMI Sofwtware itself. thanks a lot Crossbow. That really helped.
  23. 485 communication

    As  Crossbow  said above that You still need a memory card, the following Pic is from the manual of data communication showing the same thing. this manual will provide you with almost all information you need. This is a direct link to the manual http://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/plc_fx/jy997d16901/jy997d16901m.pdf
  24. FX3U-Inverter Modbus Commuinication

    I read the communication manual after I posted this Q and found out that Modbus via rs485 is only supported by the adapter FX3U-485ADP-MB.  
  25. The program ran very well after inserting the proper I/O modules. Many thanks to You all