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  1. Thank you for advise me 
  2. Hi   I'm beginner from plc programing, I  need to sent data (D0000-D0010) to PC through Host link mode . i just sent data from PC to PLC with command serial port is work only like below PLC_Serial.println("@00SC0252*");//sent to monitoring mode PLC_Serial.println(CalcFCS("@00KSHR 004500"));//set H45.00 to hight PLC_Serial.println("@00SC0352*")//sent to run mode but  PLC to PC i don't know how to do . Could you advise me ? Thank you.
  3. 1.There isn't a cable between the USB to RS232 converter , it just direct connection. 2. In reality , I need to communication between PLC  and Counter board(it use RS485  , production board)       PLC <----------------> RS485<------------>Counter board but Right now, I have RS232 serial board only for testing, i have no RS485.
  4. Thanks Michael Walsh for reply me. 1. Serial cable => I use Notebook , i use RS232 to USB converter (I think connect pin is incorrect,it cannot modify) 2.Number of byte to sent => i mistake, it should be 2 byte. 3.Did switch pin 4  => it set OFF Right now, I think use RS485 serial board (CP1W-CIF11) and RS485 to USB converter, is it work? or there are another way.  
  5.  Hello    I need to sent data between PLC CP1L-M30 and  Hyberterminal with serial port (RS232C port 1) ,but there isn't data show up . something is wrong? Could you advise me? my ladder as below  
  6. Thank you , it's work innoaloe.
  7. Hello         I'm new for PLC, I need to set pump turn ON/OFF  in 4 time/day every day => [8:00-8:10]a.m, [11:00-11:20]a.m, [2:00-2:10-14:10[p.m, [5:00-5:20]p.m ** I have Omron PLC CP1E-N30 , Could you advise me, please ?