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  1. Oh, Ok...i got what you mean. Yes, the PLC is in Primary mode, i manage to scan for other equipment (such as TSXETG100) but just not for the Triconex INVENSYS ESD PLC.  
  2. Hi Leon78, Sorry i don't get what you mean by the mode. my quantum PLC is the master PLC while the Invensys (triconex) ESD is the slave.  
  3. Hi, i'm new to this forum. I encounter some problem with the existing set up, where  Quantum Hot Stanby PLC (Master) can't read/write to 3rd party ESD PLC (Triconex). Quantum PLC need to read from ESD PLC where the configured IO for modbus is in bool(coil) instead of word (register). Any idea what i can do beside getting ESD PLC to change from boolean to word? thanks,