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  1. CS1 I/O Address Mapping

    Hello Everyone! For reasons beyond my control I need to change the default I/O address for the CIO in some my CS1's. What I need to be able to do, if possible, is to change the addressing for basic input and output cards to a different starting number. Example, slot #1 change to 2.xx instead of 1.xx. Make sense? Slot 0 is a 16pt output with addresses starting at 0.xx, slot 1 is a 16pt input and I want its address to be 2.xx, slot 2 is a 16pt output I want its address to be 1.xx and slot 3 is a 16pt input and I want its address to be 3.xx. I know, what the heck would I want to do that for? Because the people upstairs want it that way... Anyway I don't know if this is possible and I haven't found anything in the manuals that tells me if I can. I know I can start the addresses at whatever number but then they just increment on down the line. Any help or ideas would be appriciated. Thanks,
  2. Full Screen RSView32

    I think I uderstand you question. You wish to get rid of the "Title" bar at the top of the screen. To do this open the project edit mode window. Go to the startup section and uncheck the Title Bar box. Then restart the application.

    As far as I know you'll have to bite the bullet and buy a new one.
  4. I use CXP, S7, RSL500 and RSL5000 on a continual basis. I am still more fond of programming with AB but CXP does have some nice features. The one thing I really don't understand is why I have to draw the ladder in CXP. This is a big waste of time and when I want to back and add an instruction I have to move the ladder arround or CNTRL + ALT + arrow keys (or use the mouse) to shift things around. Anyway back to your question. I mainly use the text feature in the RSLs. I generally know what I want each rung to look like when I start coding so I just hit the enter key at the begninng of a rung and type something like (XIC ? BST XIO ? NXB XIC ? BND XIC ? BST TON ? 1.0 0 0 NXB OTE ? BND) I find this much faster than anything else. If I find that the rung needs modified then I can use the mouse or quick keys. You can also do the above in word and paste it directly into RSL if that suits you. The new Lgx5000 has a much better crossreference window that you may like and V14 is supposed to have a few more added features. They all have their pros and cons, except S7 just cons, you'll just have to find what works best for you. The biggest problem is going from CXP to AB, back and forth everyday. That makes for some good times there. Good Luck.
  5. NT20s upload

    The NTST version wouldn't work due to the program not being downloaded with the NTST and the decompression doesn't work the same between the two programs. So I've been told. Also the reason I had to press the ALT key, so it seams is that the program I had to upload was very large and the upload seemed to time out. My best guess anyway. On a smaller program I didn't have to press the ALT key either. Glad it worked. Beryl
  6. NT20s upload

    I have had this same problem. Here is what I did. Disclaimer: Results have been hit and miss at best. If this procedure does not work try again or try something else… Screen Upload • Open NT DOS 2.33. (It may be necessary to open this program in true dos mode.) • Select the proper screen type, size and configuration. o The NT20S has 128Kb. This screen runs in NT20M but needs this turned off during the upload. Change mode to NT20S. (Select NT20S-ST12*-V1 OMRON Host_Link C200H) • Begin upload, continuously press the ALT key on the keyboard. Once about every 2 seconds seamed to work. Screen Download • Open NT DOS 2.33. (It may be necessary to open this program in true dos mode.) • Select the proper screen type, size and configuration. o The NT20S has 128Kb. This screen runs in NT20M. It is not necessary to change mode to NT20S for the download. (Select NT20M-SMR3*-E OMRON Host_Link C200H) • Begin download, continuously press the ALT key on the keyboard. Once about every 2 seconds seamed to work. Hopefully this works for you. Let us all know. Beryl
  7. DH Fault when assemby edits

    I currently have 14 SLC 5/04's connected to one channel of a controllogix gateway and I have never had any issues. Sorry. Just shooting in the dark here but, is it always the same node number that has the problem? Is it always the same program? Can you try switcing the program/node to one that hasn't had this problem in the past? The only time I've had an issue is if the blue hose is wired wrong. (Sounds like you tried that to no avail) Or if RSView was communicating to the SLC's and I was trying to download over the same Blue hose. Had to shutdown RSView to download to any processor unless I connected directly to the CPU. Never had a problem with online-edits. Good Luck, I'd like to see an answer due to our network similarities. Beryl
  8. How do you connect to a CS/CJ PLC via ENet with out using an IP table or Fins? Currently we have to enter all of our desktop IP addresses into each PLC's IP address table. This is causing problems due to our IS department wanting to us non-static IP's as well as other issues. We have the ENet cards setup for mixed but I can't connect unless the IP is in the table. I am assuming I have to use fins but, I don't want too. I like being able to connect direct without it. Any advice is welcome. Thanks,
  9. AB plc to control temperature

    The time proportional code mentioned earlier works well. However, this thread looks like it would work very well with less code. If you use it let us know how it works.
  10. What HMI does everyone use with Omron?

    I'll vote for ProFace by Digital. They are compatable with most any PLC and they have many many features. I have used them to talk to AB, OMRON and Siemens but, they talk to just about everyone.
  11. 1747-PIC driver won't startup

    I have noticed on some drivers like the PIC you must restart the computer to release the com port.
  12. SLC5/03

    I am sure that somewhere there is a book that details this. However, I don't know where it is...
  13. SLC5/03

    You are correct Jay. Thanks, I did find this other thread at a different location (sorry) that I think would be bennificial.
  14. SLC5/03

    I started a post a while back with the same question but I can't seem to find it. I'll keep looking.
  15. Out Put in Rs Logix 5000

    It is possible to have duplicate outputs in a DIFFERENT ladders/subs but I don't recommend it.