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  1. I was trying thats but still same err checksum
  2. The ladder in plc  M8000---------------------------[mov d10 d0 ]  Its mean i read d10 value in comtest pro ?
  3. What about the x and y can you give me clue setting in comtest pro ?
  4. Help Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    You can install gxwork2 new version is include gx developer 
  5. Can you give me the right ladder?
  6. FX2N 4AD2DA

    M8000----------------------------------------[ mov D10 D8030 ]  You can write  value in d10 the out put voltage will send to DA , register for DA in your plc (D8030) the example
  7. Can you give me the right ladder?
  8. The modbus rtu must be even parity ?
  9. can give me example ladder i want connect with weinview hmi
  10. Can you give me the right example ladder
  11. Can you give me example ?
  12. Yes , what do you think any problem with my ladder?