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  1. Thanks for the tips - yes this is an option - I will look at the options of linking the analogue inputs and outputs of the drives - and possibly use the built-in PID of one drive to act as a master/slave to the other drive - so the slave will 'follow' the analogue actual speed reference output from the master drive - only if this is possible? - need to dig deeper to see if the analogue output is a true speed reference of the motor - i.e it's not a true closed-loop feedback control like an encoder. The  Altivar™ 312 drives used in this project don't allow for the connection of a rotary encoder for feedback- only the larger more advanced drives have this option.   Thanks
  2. Thank you for the information - I will look at implementing this.
  3. Encoder Pulses

    Thank you. 
  4. Hello, I need to Synchronize two 4kW motors connected to their own individual AltiVar VSDs. To put it simply the two motors are pulling cables on a pulley and when loaded the motor's slip and the speed varies. I have an Omron CP1L-EM PLC and 2x Omron Rotary Encoders ( E6C2-CWZ5B encoders - 360 PPR) - connected to each motor,   What is the best way to read the pulses from the two rotary encoders then convert to RPM? 1) Using  PRV or PRV2(883) instruction,  - this would be the best option as it would convert the value to RPM - however, can I use this instruction on both Counter 0 & Counter 1? 2) Or read the raw value from  Counter 0:  A270 (connected to motor one's encoder) Counter 1: A272 (connected to motor two's encoder) Convert the pulses to RPM - then compare and adjust? 3) Or using CTBL. - is this a useful instruction for this application?   Once I get the RPM speed from each motor - I can then do a compare instruction - see if there is a mismatch and if so send a scaled analogue output to the VSDs to correct the speed if required. (10-50Hz) What would be your recommendations? any help would be most helpful. Thank you.
  5. Encoder Pulses

    Hello, Could you please provide an updated link to the Counter example.cxp file - this link is broken. Thanks