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  1. I have a problem when trying to download a program from a FX1S-30MT PLC. I am using a SC-09 USB cable. The software i am using is GX Developer 8. When trying to download the MAIN program the screen in the attachment appears. I tested the download from another PLC of same model and have no problems, therefore the cable is ok, and the laptop is ok. When downloading of the parameters and comments does not give error, just when trying to download MAIN. Also I tested connection with Test Connection button and says communication is ok. Anyone who can help? I have a doubt, how can i see the communication parameters on the PLC side? Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, please can you help me with documentation on how to program the communication of the FX1S with a HMI, I need to know how the inputs from the HMI are taken in the program running and how the output can be viewed in the HMI. Thanks
  3. FX1S-30MT Downloading of MAIN Program Failed

    Ron_S I was trasnferring from PLC to Laptop then it would be uploading according to what you posted