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  1. Well, it works. It was stupid. I needed a null adapter! Go figure. I did use to hyperterminal to verify plc was sending and it was. Then verified printer was working with hyperterminal and it was. Came down to the null adapter. thank you for the input and assistance.
  2. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/1039-ddean-program-ascii/ here is my program
  3. Ddean program ascii

    Version v1


    this is a program of a leak test station with ascii serial to a scribing printer
  4. File Name: Ddean program ascii File Submitter: ddean File Submitted: 01 Dec 2015 File Category: Allen Bradley this is a program of a leak test station with ascii serial to a scribing printer Click here to download this file
  5. I am essentially sending a serial number, my problem is what characters to use from the plc. i have read and read. i have went through the printers manual as well, which is vague at best. it states there are common commands with ascii, but without ever doing it i don't know how to get it setup. As of this moment i am trying to use an AWT command with a string that looks like this: ^Btext^C^D I am using port 0 with my plc using internal bits toggling the instruction and it says it sends 7 characters, but i am not getting anything back on software side of the pc. I am not sure if the ports is right as there are 5 comm ports but no documentation to state which is which. the printer software has its own configuration for using the serial ports.
  6. I am needing some help developing a string, and setting up communications that will be interpreted by a printer. I have thus developed my string, setup my com ports on my 1766 micrologix and setup com ports on my schmidt styliner scribing printer with win7e. Essentially this is plc to computer running software for a printer. the software has been setup to the best of my knowledge. My problem is creating a string that will be recognized as start/stop transmission at the printer. I have never done ascii so I am unfamiliar with how to get the two components talking. This is a simple application that only requires writing a string to the printer, but i have tried all that i can without any luck.