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  1. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    Thanks a lot for the tips! 1) The s7-200s that our clients have the PPI port and the Profibus port (CPU 216). 2) In the past I already tried to connect with a specific USB PPI adapter for the s7-200, but it definitely did not work. The hypotheses I am considering are: a) The adapter was not official (Chinese) and apparently it did not support 187.5 kbps speeds. Stay tuned with this as there is a lot of adapter that cannot. The one I used: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32812854393.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.274263c0dyqZXx b) Don't use Windows x32 bits (I think I did use Microwin + SP9) However, I take note of the model that you have advised me.
  2. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    The s7-200 that our clients have in various companies are more than 10. If I remember correctly they all have two DB9 ports, port 1 and port 2. Port 1 is almost exclusively for PPI communication. We use the second port for Profibus communication (I understand that MPI would also be valid). But this is not transcendent. Why? The important thing is: - We have numerous PC Adapters that work perfectly with the s7-300 series. - Of the 4 PC Adapters that we have, 2 are original Siemens and 2 from Chinese origin. - That those same 4 PC Adapters do not work with the s7-200. We do not know the reason. On some occasion, one of them must have worked.   As a hypothesis, a colleague has told us that it could be by using Windows x64bits instead of Windows x32 bits. We will test it soon. Conclusion: PC adapters = Failure. Don´t work. This is why I would like to have an external PCMCIA Reader. As a spare. If my current PCMCIA PC crashes, I have no way to deal with the problem. The PC Adapters are not working at the moment. Does anyone know of an external PCMCIA reader for Siemens cards?  
  3. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    I´m sure :  Communications processor CP 5512 PC Card (Cardbus, 32 Bit) for connection of a PG or Notebook to PROFIBUS or MPI; SKU:6GK15512AA00 It works very well. I will investigate the RS 485 thing. I do not know if they will be able to connect in PPI, MPI, or Profibus. The PCMCIA card is the one that has given me the least problems. But I would like to know if there are external PCMCIA adapters.
  4. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    Greetings citizens! I have a very old laptop with a PCMIA port. In this port I connect the Siemens CP 5512 card to be able to connect with s7-200 series PLCs. However, I am afraid that the computer will end up breaking down as it is old. There are no longer laptops with a PCMCIA port. So, in order to take advantage of the Siemens CP5512 card in the new PCs, I would like to know if it is possible to use an external PCMCIA reader. I bought this external PCMCIA reader model : https://www.amazon.es/Morza-Adaptador-Tarjeta-convertidor-Ordenador/dp/B084ZL6HWH .. but I have not been able to make it work. I think this reader is for other types of memories.   Definitely : Do you know of any external PCMCIA reader model that can connect via USB or similar that works for a Siemens CP5512 card? Thanks!
  5. I'm 100% sure that it was installed as COM1. I tested a pair of RS32 cables. I do not think it's that. I have tested the following possibilities with STARTER: DEVICE (STARTER, SCOUT) -> PC COM-Port.USS1 DEVICE (STARTER, SCOUT) -> USB.S7USB.1 S7ONLINE (STEP 7) -> PC COM-Port.USS1 S7ONLINE (STEP 7) -> USB.S7USB.1 Also with the Drive Monitor: S7ONLINE (STEP 7) -> PC COM-Port.USS1 S7ONLINE (STEP 7) -> USB.S7USB.1 Unsuccessfully. I think that in all cases the LED of the USB-RS232 blinks me as if it were working. I have even tried a computer with a serial port (no need for RS232) but I do not see the option PC COM-Port.USS1 in the PG/PC interface
  6. I recently purchased the SIEMENS CONNECTION KIT (6ES6400-1PC00-0AA0) with its corresponding serial cable to connect to a MICROMASTER 440. I connect my RS232-USB cable to the serial cable. But I can not connect in any way! What do I do wrong? 1. In the micromaster 440 I put the following USS configuration parameters (USS = serial communication):    p2010 = 6    p2011 = 0    p2012 = 2    p2013 = 127 2. I put the DIP of the Connection Kit (Ref. 6ES6400-1PC00-0AA0)  1 ON, 2 OFF, as indicated in the manual.    I connect the connection kit module with its serial cable to my RS232-USB cable. And I connect the USB to my PC. 3. Open "Set PG / PC interface" and select PC COM-Port.USS.1 4. I go to the properties and I am selected COM1 without problems. 5. But I do the transmission speed test and can not find anything. 6. Also in the diagnosis of PC COM-Port.USS.1 I do the test and can not find anything. Supposedly my RS232 cable is correct (I have tried several tests). And the configuration of the COM port in "device manager" also looks correct. What am I doing wrong?? Zhanks!
  7. WinCC Flexible: How to edit recipes?

    Actually I am trying to add recipes or edit recipes. In no case I was referring to adding parameters to a recipe. These files can be read, edited and saved from the screen, but in no case are the extensions of these files * .csv. The file extensions of the recipes are stored by me -as I have already mentioned- in * .dat, * .rdf and * .vdf. What can I do to edit these files? or to create ?
  8. Regards! I have a new challenge to face. I have a client that needs to edit from a computer the recipes that WinCC Flexible screens emit. I have noticed that the recipes are stored in several files of extension * .dat * .rdf and * .vdf. How can I read and edit them from any PC without the need for Siemens products? Thank you!
  9. The Prosave does not excite me because my client is obliged to have Prosave. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot! I have solved it as you said: 1. Here I put the collection of media that can be used (Memory card or USB) https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/21847868/which-external-storage-media-can-you-use-with-the-current-simatic-panels-and-which-memory-card-interfaces-do-they-have-?dti=0&dl=en&lc=es-WW 2. Here's how it's done (with SD or USB): https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/28928853/how-do-you-backup-restore-with-a-windows-based-panel-?dti=0&dl=en&lc=es-WW 3. Accurate instructions on how to do it in the MP277 panel (Section 6.9): http://stest1.etnetera.cz/ad/current/content/data_files/automatizacni_systemy/systemy_pro_ovladani_a_vizualizaci/standardni_panely/multipanely/rada_270/opi_mp-277_09-2007_en.pdf 4. And for TIA Portal there is this: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/109740696/how-with-the-tia-portal-do-you-transfer-your-project-to-your-operator-panel-via-a-storage-medium-(usb-stick-for-example)-?dti=0&dl=en&lc=es-ES Thank you! I hope I have been helpful too!
  10. Regards! My problem is the following. I have a client that has 7 different machines with touch panels SIEMENS TP277. A touch panel for each machine. The machines are different and therefore the projects that have to be loaded from WINCC Flexible to each panel are different. That is, 7 different projects. My client wants to have a single spare screen, not 7. Is there any way that he has a single spare physical panel and without needing WINCC Flexible can he load the same one of the 7 projects? Can not you record inside the panel and then load 1 of the 7 you need? Or via USB memory? ZhankS!   zHANKS!                
  11. CX-Supervisor: Log slows down?

    I have built a record of 56 analog variables sampling time 2 seconds. I am recording the data in a proprietary database of CX-Supervisor. The extension of these files is * .dlv. Now I do not have the characteristics of the PC because it is in customer factory, but I remember a computer is about 2 years old with Windows 7. The PC and the PLC communicate via Ethernet. However, in the SCADA screen I show much more than these 56 variables. In total about 500 of all types, Boolean, integer, ....
  12. CX-Supervisor: Log slows down?

    Regards! I have built a record in CX-Supervisor of about 56 analog variables whose sampling every 2 seconds. However, I find that when I examine the record made of multiple shots of sampling times instead of 2 seconds, I sampled every 3. That is, every 20 to 40 samples one takes me 3 seconds instead of 2. This may be due to overloading of the SCADA? That having so many variables that record and monitor sometimes take more than 2 seconds and reach than 3. You know the real cause and a solution? Thank you!
  13.   Hi ! Just know if you have news of some manual of WinCC OA. Thank you!
  14. Cx-Supervisor: Identical Pages

    I have resolved as follows:  1. I think an array of text in memory of 10 named positions: HEADER  2. When initializing the position HEADER array project as follows:  HEADER [0] = "TRAFFICLIGHT 1"  HEADER [1] = "TRAFFICLIGHT 2"  ....  HEADER [9] = "TRAFFICLIGHT 10"  3. I think the variable int "trafficlight_index"  4. I think a single page "traffic light" consisting for example:  a) A text field (####) and the editor of animations: Display value (text) HEADER [trafficlight_index]  b) A numeric array (##) that for example we will create in the editor points as "time_in_green" and the animation editor: Edit and display analog value: time_in_green [trafficlight_index]  5. On another page that menu, think 10 buttons all lead to the same page "Traffic Light" and charged each button to "trafficlight_index" a different integer value using a VB script (running script). Example:  Script to run button 1:  trafficlight_index_index = 0  Display "Trafficlight"  Script to run the button 2:  trafficlight_index = 1  Display "Trafficlight"  Etc...  You save a lot if there are many identical pages!
  15. Regards ! This is my problem: I have a point on the screen (text variable I/O) # , which is associated in the animation editor the following: "Edit point value (analog)": variableX                     and enable "display keypad" "Display value (analog)":    variableX Although I have written # and no. ##.##  in the SCADA displays only the truncated values, but the PLC also receives those decimals that can lead. How I can do to make the PLC also receive decimals? How I can truncate the value despite the user to enter decimal me? Thank you!