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  1. Comunication PLC S7-1200 Witn NA-9188 Ethernet

    Hi Sir, At website Crevis don't have file GSD of NA-9187(Profinet).How to add it into TIA PORTAL? it must have file na9187.xml
  2. Hello evreybody, My name is Tinh I have question.I want to connect PLC S7-1200 with NA-9188(ethernet). NA-9188 have file NA9188.eds but it do not have file GSD.How to add file *.EDS in to TIA Portal V11. At program Codesys V3.5,I did add file NA-9188.eds. At TIA PORTAL V11 I don't know it have support?
  3. Ok thanks you very much
  4. Hello,My name is Tinh.I come from Viet Nam.I have a question PLC S7-1200 comunication by cable Enthernet Na-9122 use cable Profibus. How to connect NA-9122 with PLC S7-1200? Thanks for all
  5. ADD file GSD

    OK,Thanks you for help me
  6. ADD file GSD

    I have file GSD,i want to connetc Profibus DP NA 9122 with PLC S7300 of Siemens.But I do not know add file GSD at Step 7 manager.Help me! please
  7. Remote IO Crevis

    OK thanks you very much
  8. Remote IO Crevis

    I'm looking out the device NA9379-Na9122 and moduel St122F.I come from Viet Nam and I am a student Please help me Skype:nguyenvantinh99
  9. Remote IO Crevis

    New equipment for automation! I using NA9379 and I want to connect with Profibus DP The document
  10. My name is Tinh,I come from Viet Nam.I am using NA9379,This device is quite new Help me! thank all Email Phone number:01629323219 Skype:nguyenvantinh99
  11. I use program codesys v3.5 patch 1 and I want to connect NA9379 with Profibus Dp Na9122.But It have file GSD i do not add in to the libary of codesys.I have picture Thank all and help me!
  12. Hello,My name is Tinh.I come from Viet Nam.I have a question.How to add file GSD into Codesys.I am using NA 9379. Sorry for my English