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  1. Link register in Q series plc

    In my company programmers interfacing two machines with these link register. So now I want to know how can we interface using these link registers.
  2. Link register in Q series plc

    How to use link register(w) in ladder program? And how can we configure that ? And How to read and write values to that register?
  3. Measuring motor current without VFD?

    yes its possible to measure with the use of clamp meter we can measure the current value of the motor.
  4. Hello Guys...... Can anyone explain how to interface the cc-link module to mitsubishi q series plc and how to configure that module? Thanks...
  5. Omron CP1E - Jump Ins.

    Thank you sir
  6. Omron CP1E - Jump Ins.

    Hello Everyone, Good Afternoon, I need help from programming with omron plc which is named CP1E, Mainly working with jump instructions, Thank you.
  7. Analog module configurations

    yeah ok bryll
  8. How to Scale a analog value?

    hello guys....How are you all? im new to siemens plc, so i dont know how to scale analog value in STEP7 plc's? and also i dont know how to use AI,AO,DI,DO? how to address them? can anyone help me? 
  9. Analog module configurations

    Bryll thank you man, now i am able to wire sensors to analog inputs because of your help
  10. Analog module configurations

    Bryll i dont have an any manual for that Thats why im asking how to wire sensors to that module?  
  11. Analog module configurations

    Thank you Moggie sir
  12. where i can download cx-designer?

    sir if you dont mine , i cant understand attend classes? where i should attend classes?  
  13. Hello Guys, I Need some information about conncting method between cx-programmer and cx-supervisor? Anyone can explain? Please help me! thank you.
  14. where i can download cx-designer?

    Thank you sir
  15. Analog module configurations

    hai everyone im new to this forum, i hope this forum will clear all my doubts about plc Ok Guys my doubt is How  to connect two, three, four wire sensors to S7 PLC's? Please help me guys im new to PLC Controlling Thank you.