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  1. plc3 to plc5 program conversion

    Just to correct the statement on CLX BT's it is 32 block transfers per controller max cached and 16 per channel on the DHRIO card that is what you get into with large 3's but I just did a large plc3 system and used a 1756-RIO card and the card does all the BT's which allows much more throughput and it will run in shadow mode where you can hook it up with a scanner and run your app before putting it online which helps debug it before you shut the system down. The plc 3 is a power house and if you have a lot of 1771 I/O it is best to just change it over to clx I/O and be done with it as it makes a lot better system and is so much easier to program....Most PLC 3 programs use a lot of binary and hex lots of or and & nand gates with file bit compares and file search compares that you have to write the logic for as there are no conversions for them. The one I just did had 8000 rungs in only one routine which made it a nightmare to convert.......
  2. RSView32 Works Error

    RS View32 is a 32 bit program and cannot run in a 64 bit OS. It will load but will not run.. Try using it with a 32 bit OS of Win 7 or XP