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  1. Hi everybody, Guess that the forum is useful because of the information and experiences exchange. So, i've found that there was a windows 7 feature enabled the same day RSLinx EthernetIP Driver stopped working. The feature is Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter. It's curious because i rememeber working in other PCs that had this same utility enabled and don't remember to have troubles with RSLinx Drivers. I just follow some steps to disable de WiFi Miniport Adapter, and after that, the Ethernet IP drivers in RSLinx worked properly. Now, i'm thinking... why the WiFi Miniport caused malfunctions in RSLinx Drivers, for a "fix it and move on" solution, disabling de Miniport is ok. but i think it would be ok if i could understand the reasons of drivers failure.
  2. Hi, I've been working with RSLogix 500, today i found that i was unable to connect to Micrologix PLC because in the RSLinx the Driver Ethernet IP that was configured to communicate whit PLC appears with a Red Cross. Yesterday everything was working. I've installed an antivirus software, i supposed the reason was the antivirus, but i've tried on configs and even uninstalling it, and RSLinx seems that can't reconigze the ethernet adapter (guess that means red cross) RSLinx 3.51 CPR 9 SR 5.1 RSLogix 500 Pro 9.0 Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits Could you, provide to me some guidelines to solve this, or if somebody has had this problem, could share the solution? thanks in advance