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  1. Please suggest me about these issues: Issue: No Rotation 1.     The motor links are slack or release. 2.     Distant issue is stuck in the glide. 3.     The motor load is extreme. 4.     The bearing are shabby. Issue: Overheating 1.     The rotor is in part demagnetizing cause extreme motor present. 2.     Motor voltage is exceeding the highest value. 3.     The duty cycle is extreme.  
  2. G5 Servo Motor Too Slow

    Hi Denise01   You are saying wrong because servo motor work is very good and depend its features. I have servo motor here given below  features...... Standard size digital servo with plastic gears 25T servo, 2BB. Torque motor,12bit Digital PCB. Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6V. Dead band width: 2usc. Interface: (JR) Wire length: 30cm. Thanks Xolbrin
  3. Hii Guys I place a photograph eye on top of my living ceiling fan to count the fan blades, regenerate it to motor speed feedback, and tied that back to the fan speed controller, would my fan motor count as a servo motor? Technically, yes. Its not what we tend to typically regarding once talking about servo motors, however its a minimum of nearly as good as some servo setup in a very budget aware faculty laboratory. Thanks Xol brin