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  1. We make rack layot in PLC Parameters on the I/O Assignment tab. But i think System Monitor tab read data about base slots from CPU registers not I/O tab ( empty slot number or name of module on used slot).

    Because if i assign module slot on I/O tab and i take module from base or never put in module on base then I/O tab show there is a module but System Monitor shows the slot is empty. I want to know System monitor how reads information about base slots or which adress of CPU (D, SD, SM) is storing information about slots of base unit.  

  2. Hello everyone. If anyone knows how an empty slot on base  is defined by "system monitor" service of GX Works which shown in attached picture?

    I think this information is read from any CPU register address(Maybe SD or SM and  etc. registers). But I don't know exactly which address is deploying an information about empty slot on base.



  3. Hi everyone. I created project in Visual Studio 2010 using MX Component (AxActQJ71E71TCP Control). It seems everything works normally. But when I turn off PLC or remove Ethernet cable from the QJ71E71 module my windows form gets frozen. My question is how to define lost connection in case of turning off plc or removing cable and inform user about it. Is there any event handler in VS or any way to find solution? Thanks.

  4. How can I set Open system, Fixed buffer, Fixed buffer communication procedure, Pairin open, Existence confirmation, Host station Port No., Transmission target device IP&Port No. options? I want connect to PLC from both PCs and read/write to it at the same time. QJ71E71's IP address - PC1 - PC2 - I read about terms which I highlighted above from QJ71E71 manual but I can't understand these well. Where can I find useful infos about these terms?

  5. Hi everyone. I'm new at Mitsubishi Q series. I can make a connection between PC and PLC through ethernet and read/write from/to registers. When I try to connect second PC to PLC I can't do it and get error. How can I set Network parameters of QJ71E71 module to communicate multiple PCs to PLC? Thanks.