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  1. hi all, I have CPU 315 - 2 DP. I can't download program from S7 manager to CPU. I have message Help on Message 33:17075 Description: All stations on this subnet must have the same value for the transmission rate. The interrupt may not be assigned for other hardware components. The MPI addresses in the network must be unique, meaning each address may only be assigned once. The local Station address must also not be greater than the highest station address in the programmable controller. Remedy: Call the program "Setting the PG/PC Interface" in the Control Panel. Under "Properties" set the transmission rate used in the network and adjust the local node address to match your network. Set a station address for your programming device/PC which is not higher than the highest station address in the network. Shorten your HSA address to match the PROFIBUS addresses of the slaves used. i put all the interface setting PC/PG on default but i've the same message. what i must do ? please some help.
  2. Siemens PLC 313C ( problem of PLC)

    hi and thank you alot for listen to me yes imaybe the problem in MMC, my MMC it's siemens and i erase it with PC :( did i damage the memory card ? how i can fixed it? i really stuck please help me
  3. hello everyone, please i need help, i have a PLC 313C with MMC 512KO (MICRO MEMORY CARD) and i deleted all the programs inside him ( HMI & PLC ) and when i want to put the same programs inside PLC without put the MMC he tell me the memory inadequate and when i put the MMC in the PLC and try to put the program he tell me there is no communication, please can anyone tell me what is the operations i must do for put the program pleaaaaaaaase please . thank you alot.