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  1. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    the only way I have found to mass update function blocks is by updating the FB via online edit. For the Structure comparison I would use an ADDDelimiter function to create a String then For Loop thru the array creating a ADDDelimiter  on each member of the array for comaprison  
  2. Variant Data Type

    Is anyone aware of a method to define an Input to a NX FB that will accept any data type, similar to the VB Variant data type? 
  3. Indirect addressing of tags?

    Is anyone aware of a method (ST, FB, LD, etc) of using a string from an external file, DB, etc. to retrieve the value of an internal or global variable tag. For example if I have a tag called Pointer of type = String and the value of ‘Cyc_Count’ is there a method to retrieve the value of the tag called Cyc_Count’ of type Integer using the value in tag Pointer?