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  1. CX-Configurator - Profibus DP-V0

    Once again. I'm still facing problem with Pofibus communication between PLC and Comnet-DP module. I'm trying to connect Bosch valve station equiped with Comnet-DP communication module with Omron CJ2M and RPM21 (profibus master) I've made proper configuration in master settings (most important was baud rate but Bosch module adjust baud according to master) Then I've set slave configuration as you can see below: According to:   Other settings were unable to modify or just were left unchhanged. Omron is detecting connected slave but returns diagnostics that says that something is wrong in parameter settings. Same message I can read from Bosch module LEDs. Any experiance in profibus diagnosis, advices what to do? I've checked all settings configurations I have no idea what to do.        
  2. Profibus connection program.

    Guys I'm having some troubles (as usual) I have datasheet for my profibus slave device (attached).  I've probably done proper configuration in cx-configurator, I've got CIO 3200 (output) and 3300 (input) addresses for that communication. There's the question. How can I assign plc bit to specific valve position (its address)? I've made simple program where I can change 3200.00, 3200.01 etc. states but BF led on prm21 still flashing, and nothing happens.    
  3. CX-Configurator CJ1W-PRM21 connection problems.

    So many communication protocols to choose. I was sure that I've tried all but I didn't. It supposed to be toolbus(usb) in configuration tab, and now i can use test, and go online options without any errors. I can now use diagnostic option and I can see states of plc and module. But still I can't scan in order to find connected slaves. Help!
  4. CX-Configurator CJ1W-PRM21 connection problems.

    I'm almost sure that this bosch unit provides profibus connection. I've made mistake, because communication module is diffirent than I mentioned before. This module has COMNET-DP except DeviceNet printed on the top. It is profibus slave. What about those errors? I have no idea. Anytihng I  should verify, check?
  5. Hi again. I'm trying to make profibus connection between CJ2M and "Bosch Rexroth HF03 Manifold 12 Station DeviceNet Bus Box". After configuration I/O table in cx-Programmer and up[loading it to plc I've tried to configure settings in CX-Configurator. I've set up correct connection parameters of cj1w-prm profibus master. When I use "Test" option or just go online I get errors: "Communication Failure with unit" and "CX-server cound not be initialized". Am I missing CX-Server? I don't have this software installed on pc... When i try to use scan option i get another error: "Scanning failed, DTM returned an error for the request. Following DTM reported the error: Tag: CJ1W-PRM21 PROFIBUS Master Name:CJ1W-PRM21 PROFIBUS Master (Version V1.xx) Vendor OMRON Corporation.: Any advices? I can't find any good manual for CX-Configurator but i get CX-Profibus manual - is it interchangeable? Because i can see  some same options in both. Regards!  
  6. Communication failed for CMP1 CPU30

    Check pin configuration, and confront it witch PC's pin tasks.  Have you installed drivers for rs-usb converter?
  7. CJ2M serial communication

    I don't know what's going on. It's working! Thank you again.
  8. CJ2M serial communication

    Ok, change Remote->Local in Device Properties of plc solved my problem. Thank you all for all answers especially Mendonsy. One more thing... I can't change W addresses by using a macro. For instance, i want to set W1.00 value 1. macro_command() bool a a=1 SetData(a, "plc", W_Bit, 100, 1) end macro_command
  9. CJ2M serial communication

    I've got one more minor problem (with EasyBuilder). I'm working on 3 PCs. Only one is able to upload programs to HMI. Soon I'm gonna own only those 2 that cannot connect with HMI. Settings are the same on all PCs. On those 2, EB finds HMI via Etherner with no problems, but it's thinking a lot after pressing Download button, after longer while, it gives me the message "password error". Passwords are the same. Any solutions, ideas what's wrong there? --EDIT-- In device properties i've set Location as Remote (COM master-slave), not Local. Maybe thats the problem, i've just realised that on your thumbnails. I'm gonna check it tommorow (again) when I'll bring that working pc.
  10. CJ2M serial communication

    I'll check it, thanks. --EDIT-- All switches are at OFF position.
  11. CJ2M serial communication

    I'll check everything once again. Can you tell me, which address in Weintek gonna relate to Omron Work address?
  12. CJ2M serial communication

    When I put button assigned to declared plc, hmi throws "plc no connection". Baud etc. Parameters are the same at both devices. Are you telling that when everything is fine i don't have to use scripts in weintek and rxd txd function for omron? Just button (which adress? W_bit?) And omron should get that bit value? I want to add that when i'm using wientek script, comm light at plc blinks. Same when it says "plc no connectio"n it's blinking continously.
  13. CJ2M serial communication

    Before any action, I'm setting up plc device in weintek program properties. During every program downloading into hmi, it loads drivers for cj2m.
  14. CJ2M serial communication

    Hi! I'm trying to connect Omron plc CJ2M cpu11 (photo below) with Weintek touch panel. I've made proper cable, and I'm trying to establish communication between these two devices. I've wrote a script in Weintek's program, that sends and receives via serial port, rs232. Also, I've used example for serial communication in CX-Programmer, that you can see in attached files. I'm trying only to toggle one W adress using hmi. That sounds simple, but still, I'm not able to make plc and hmi to talk with each other. What I'm doing wrong?