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  1. PLC5-40E Serial Communication

    Sorry guys, holiday weekend here in Canada. I will focus on the cable and Com computer when I'm back to work tomorrow. Appreciate all the feedback. I will post my results. Thanks very much for the offer Ron, I may take you up on it if my struggles continue.
  2. PLC5-40E Serial Communication

    Ya two power supplies as well, I've got both sets on the bench; and I've been swapping the processors back and forth to see if any changes take effect. I just tried removing the battery. Batt light comes on, no change. I am using "RS 232 DF1" driver, with RS-Linx Classic Lite. It is possible my gear is just screwed, they've been sitting on a shelf for about 8 years. Taken out of service for an unknown reason, although I would assume because of an upgrade.
  3. At my wits end. I've been challenged with setting up a Test Rack for education, and testing in our electrical shop. I've been attempting to setup a PLC5 1785-L40E processor, with a 1771-A4B Chassis; via serial connection to a Laptop. Seems simple enough? My result is, solid red Proc light. (I assume due to no memory, or EEPROM card installed, however it could be a major hardware fault) No COMM light at all, ever. Auto-Config in RsLinx fails. I've made my own cable according to AB's 1784-CP10 pinout. (null modem) I've tried my laptops serial port(COM1), and a USB to Serial adapter(set to COM4). I've lowered the baud on both ports through Device Manager to 2400. (Default for the processor) Confirmed the stop bit, parity, and Error correcting all match the default parameters. I have the chassis dip switches on the chassis set to all off except for 6 (EEPROM memory does not transfer to processor memory.) I have the processor dip switches set 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 so station number is 1. (I found a publication that states some processors don't recognize 0 as a viable address) U D D D D D D And finally yes I've confirmed that the RS-232C dip switches are set for default configuration. DDDUUDDUDU Also note I have 2 identical chassis', and processors, that I've been experimenting with, as well as a second PC with RSLinx installed. The only difference to note is that one of the processors the Ethernet Stat light periodically blinks red. Because I have two sets of hardware to play with, I find it hard to believe however possible; that both sets of equipment have failed with major hardware faults. This leads me to believe that I am fundamentally missing something here. A step I have missed, or I simply have my head shoved up somewhere... ...any ideas?