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  1. AB 1747-HSTP1 homing issue

    Right now its doing nothing??  After tearing everything down and rewiring, I cant get the motor to turn.  It shows on the module that it is commanding a cw or ccw command, but nothing happens. I have hooked the drive up to its native software to confirm and all is well there.  I even hooked up the unit to a micrologix 1200 PTO output to confirm operation.   I removed bit 5, still no luck.
  2. AB 1747-HSTP1 homing issue

    So I started over, the module shows that it is commanding a cw movement. but nothing turns? I have attached the stepper manual and plc program. We are using the advanced stepper drive (chapter 4), I have the drive set for pulse and direction and wired according to page 62 (top diagram) What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated base test.RSS surestepmanual-with-advanced-system-(002) surestepmanual-with-advanced-system-(002) surestepmanual-with-advanced-system-(002)
  3. AB 1747-HSTP1 homing issue

    I can command the speed in cw/ccw jog and am almost at the point where ill just wire in another limit and use the ccw jog to bring it back.  I believe that its a setting im missing.  It looks like it must be configured to recognize the home prox and when it does it will allow me to use the commanded home speed, hit the prox and slow to base speed.
  4. AB 1747-HSTP1 homing issue

    Good afternoon all, So I'm stumped, we have working a SLC 5/03 with 1746-HSTP1 module running a automation direct STP-DRV 80100 driver and 34127D drive. It is in command mode,(bit 15) CW lS used (bit 0) Home limit switch used (bit 4) home prox used (bit 5) pulse and direction (bit 10) Word zero set for -31696 Everything works great except the homing option with prox. It always travels at base speed. What am I missing? Being very new to this im surprised I got this far, lol. I have read the manual several times over but clearly missing something. Thanks in advance
  5. velocity sensor

    Yes, that's correct
  6. velocity sensor

    Good morning guys and gals, We are looking for a velocity sensor 4-20ma or 0-10v is fine. It needs to be relatively inexpensive (testing puposes only) and play nicely with a slc 5/03 analog input. Output expected is no more than 500 fpm, more likely under 300 fpm. It is for some venting we have at our plant. Any suggestions? It would be much appreciated. thanks in advance