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  1. I'm having a communication error in the unit. Is there a way to configure this? I need to modify the IP address and the subnet mask. Its the momentum TSX PLC unit with Ethernet. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking for the software that will allow me connect to a momentum TSX 170ADM35011 PLC. I have a connection error with ethernet and it looks like my plc is configured incorrectly Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. Network problems.

    It looks like that the F0 and E2 errors have been fixed. The electrician came and told me that it had been fixed so I'm assuming thatit may have been due to a bad connection possible that has fixed that. I will look for the termination resistors.- Where are these typically located? in the slaves? On another note.. I'm now on another PLC that was in better shape and had a D5 error as well. I ended up transfer the IO table from the PLC and all it had on was the built in EIP module and none of the Dnets or Basic IO modules either. I created the IO table and transfered it into the PLC and now I have H7 errors on both DRM21 modules and now the drives are in error state as well. It is saying that the PLC does not have a registered IO table? Was this not what I was trying to fix? how do I remedy this? Thanks a ton.
  4. Network problems.

    I'm not the most experienced programmer so please be patient with me. We are running CJ1W DRM21 D-nets throughout. Each PLC (CJ2H EIP) have 2 units on them. We are having a few different problems. When starting up we have: 1- we have D5 errors (Verification errors) which we think is due to a EDS files? I'm trying to download the network PC-PLC and am getting node 45 as invalid attribute data and node 63 is device state conflict. Node 63 is our master device. On the other DRM21 unit we have a fatal error F0 and E2 error on node 63. We have checked all the cables and baud rates. Could there be some type of master and slave device issues? Any input would be grateful.!
  5. .cin file question.

    Its difficult to understand this process when sitting at the desk and not on the jobsite. The PLCs are the Cj2H-EIP so they have the built in Ethernet module. There are 12 PLCs. These came from backup files we recieved. All the .cin files are with the backups except for 3 of them which looking at the drawings are connected through Ethernet together. I think I need to read through the manuals again in order to try and understand this a bit more. Do you have any reference materials that you would suggest? I have the CX Integrator Manual. If everything is connected when we do get onsite, and these PLCs need to have the network configured what is typically your first steps you would take? Thanks
  6. .cin file question.

    I'm fairly new to the world of automation so please excuse me if get my terms mixed up. I think I know the answer to this but its not quite clear in the manuals. I'm on a project that has about 9 CJ2H PLCs that we are doing a re-commisioning job. In each of the PLC files we have backup files and the program files. Some of the PLCs have .cin files for CX Integrator and some don't. Some of the files have routing tables as well. We are wondering if we are supposed to have a .cin file for each PLC and that this a must have file in order for the PLC to comunicate with other devices in the network? If each network is supposed to have one this means that we were not given those files from the original owners and then we need to create new ones. I'm thinking that its not a big deal and pretty easy to setup the network configuration. Anyone out there have any experience? Thanks