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  1. GE Commnet

    Hi Folks! I'm looking for detailed info. regarding a GE proprietary serial protocol called "Commnet" or "Comnet".  It appears to be used with obsolete power monitors and protection relays.  Any help is greatly appreciated!! ><JBS>
  2. Dumping WW Intouch dB

    Hello, I'm Newbert to the Wonderware world so this question may be dumb one: I am attempting to dump the dB from an existing Intouch application. "DBDUMP", however, keeps crashing due to certain tags having "an unknown source". I've found this problem to be related to the tags having an Access Name of "Unassigned". It appears that I can configure a bogus access name, plug that into to the tag definition, and DBDUMP will move onto the next tag it doesn't like. The problem is that I'm having to do it one tag at a time.... Does anyone have a better solution? Thx! ><JBS>
  3. Greetings! 1. I'm new to this forum, and could use some help getting Concept 2.6 XL up and running. 2. When I attempt to start Concept, i.e. Start > Concept V2.6 XL EN > Concept, I get the following error messages: 3. I am attempting to run Concept on Win 7 (32) inside of VM WorkStation 10. Thanks in advance!!