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  1. binary transfer

    thanks for the reply man btw,  according to trhe manual i have read ,they treated the content of the word device as hexadecimal...then converted it to decimal ,or it depends on the application? its hard to be a noob, thanks
  2. binary transfer

    hi guys Im a bit new to omron programming,i needed to trace some data for my scada system to display, and i have encountered "binary transfer" command and i'm not really sure if i understand it correctly any enlightenment in this matter will be much appreciated thanks
  3. PT internal memory

    Hey man  I already found the MACRO that you are talking about it means that its gonna read data from EMA_6195 to SW4195 in 125 points right?
  4. PT internal memory

    thanks but upon checking the device it seems that it does not have the macro that you are saying( as shown ) any other ideas?
  5. PT internal memory

    Hi guys I have a NS12-TS200 programmable terminal , i only need to map the data so i can connect a SCADA system to the PLC while mapping i encountered a device which is $W which is "internal memory of the PT" the manual also says that it cannot be read and written directly from host. Ex: $W4195,  because the $w device is only internal to the PT how or what settings do i have to check to find its equivalent device in the PLC? sorry i am not knowledgable in OMRON automation products i also attached a screen shot of the display....   thanks

    i think you should try the DDRVA what nephets said

    what is the application exactly? as per my experience in servo programming during power interruption or stop of operation via emergency stop,,,i always provide a homing program ..the the DDRVI command is incremental and once the trigger is activated it will always give the exact number of pulse regardless the servo position. . . ..
  8. Mitsubishi GOT password crack

    Dear sirs I Need to upgrade an old HMI unit (F900 series) to GOT 1000 series But it has a password and the maintenance personel have no idea ,the machine by the way is almost 20 years old and the manuals are also missing.... Is there a specific software for cracking the password ? thanks in advance

    Hi i need help from you sirs, im a pure mitsubishi programmer with zero experience in schneider PLC I have a SCADA project which requires me to monitor and control data from a schneider PLC using an OPC software im using PL7 pro to communicate with a TSX3721 in a Virtual PC ive been getting a pop up error message when im trying to press the connect button "Not possible to establish the physical link with PLC address SYS via driver" The cable i am using a USB to serial adapter (TSXCUSB485C) though its a china equivalent of the genuine cable I want to know if anyone encountered the same problem like mine and what actions did you use to resolve it. I hope to have an answer from you guys thanks in advance