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  1. I have change the EasyBuilder Pro from version V5.02.01 to version V5.02.02.004 and now is working... I have use: "Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 absolute addressing", because with the settings: "Siemens S7-1200 symbolic addressing" is still a problem. But now works! Thanks a lot for help! Andrzej from Poland.
  2. Now there is still a problem: (attachment). I change IP port, from 102 (default) to 500 (set in instruction). I will try more...
  3. Figuring and figuring, and now, despite restore all settings, again, nothing works - not the variables I, O or M ... All settings are restored, and nothing works. I do not know what it depends on. Maybe the system .. And when I was something else comes to mind is I looked again ... Regards! Andrzej.
  4. Now I have check it very accurate - the variables I and Q are displayed and works good, do not operate the display box with variables "M". When I add even one variables from "M" memory, simulation don't work (PLC no response).
  5. Hallo. Web serwer of course active. Also, all variables have selected options "Accessible from HMI" and "Visible in HMI". All filech in attachments (packed). But TIA Potral is in version 13, because S7-1200 is firmware 4.0 When I use bit value - is OK. But if I use integer value - message is: "PLC no response". A5.rar EMTP1.rar
  6. Yes... I do not know why, but now a message displayed by the simulation program is semitraile (last picture):
  7. Halo Decor! Of coures, I have use a manual, I have use a bit expanded instruction: I put it as an attachment, can someone come in handy ... Greetings! Siemens_S7_1200_Ethernet2.pdf
  8. Hello! I have a PLC S7-1200 (1212C DC/DC/DC) and a few question about programming S7-1200 in TIA Portal v13. 1. I want to make "upload station", because I am not surre whichone project is the last. But, when I start upload data, the error hapens, and the decription of error is: The name of the station "S7-1200 Station_1" is already in use in the project. How and where can I change it? 2. And the last question: I try to connect my S7-1200 and Weintek simualtion. There is all time :"PLC not connected". I have chceck everything: PLC is OK, communication PC-PLC ok (ping ok), windows firewall off, administrator rights ok, configuration made with manuals, (CPU - Siemens S7-1200, IP:, port 102, tags import - ok.) I have read the manual many times, and check settings - nothing change. Maybe have someone problems like this, and found a solution? PLC: 6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0 WIndows: 7 Proffessional 32 bit Program: TIA Portal V13 Basics Weintek: EasyBuilder Pro V5.02.01 Best Regards! Andrzej.