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  1. Omron CP1L-E connecting to a Omron NB7W-TW01B

    thanks ill give it a shot
  2. Allen Bradley conversion to omron

    we were programming and learning on the fly. the only thing I couldn't find was a instruction similar to a sequencer output from logix 500. thanks for the link I just gave it to all my classmates!
  3. Allen Bradley conversion to omron

    SLC 500 and micrologix 1500 and our omrons are CP1L-E's
  4. Omron CP1L-E connecting to a Omron NB7W-TW01B

    The Computer isn't online. screen IP- PLC IP- Laptop IP- Switch IP- in the system manager section it is set to communicate with PLC IP. in the transmission setting the IP needs to be for it to download.
  5. How to Communicate Omron PLC with Keyence

    Make sure the first 3 segments of the IP address match in both devices.
  6. I am a student in a industrial maintenance class. some of the other students struggle with Omron because all the info in our textbooks is based off of AB. I was wondering if anyone had a instruction conversion list from AB to Omron? any help would be appreciated! thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to connect a CP1L-E to a NB7W-TW01B via a 5 port Ethernet switch. I have communication from the laptop to the PLC and from the Laptop to the HMI. but it seems like the HMI and PLC aren't communicating with each other. The HMI will not control the PLC. I've tried everything I know to do with the communication settings and it still will not work. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated! thanks