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  1. Hi everybody, Now I have a failure: Presently, I have RS Automation PLC NX-700 set which is connected a HMI V706CD-Hakko I want to make a set of backup for PLC NX_CPU700P After that I changed new CPU: NX_CPU700P, I downloaded old program to new CPU, and PLC NX 700 worked normally But when It was connected with HMI V706CD-Hakko, it occurred failure: Communication error CPU ID of old CPU is number 1, CPU ID of new CPU is 255, default value. WinGPC, which is the programing tool for NX-CPU700P processor module. I read WinGPC Help, and it instruct "Change CPU ID" as bellow: Please connect new PLC , and change “CPU ID” number. like old PLC. You can see the same screen to click “ONLINEà SYSTEM INFORMATION” And click “CPU ID” then you can change the CPU ID number. Before changing CPU ID, please connect old PLC first and check what is the CPU ID. If CPU ID is not same with PLC and Touch, that kind of error is able to occurred. But I could not click CPU ID button and do not change it. The button CPU ID is not light. I attach here my problem in picture: So I uploaded data from old PLC to WinGPC and exported it. Then I imported and download file data to new PLC. At that time, HMI connected successfully with new PLC and my system actived normally. But when power turned off and turned on back, HMI did not connect with new PLC. I checked and saw CPU ID of new CPU was 255 come back. Can you explain it clearly, please? and Can you show me how to change CPU ID, please?