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  1. sorry for waiting FX5U_CPU_PID_TEST.gx3
  2. AL2-GSM--Program UP/DOWN_load

    MX-MAE is a Mitsubishi software for programming the AM and GM series GSM modem(at least in europe). Anyone has any experience with this kind of application?
  3. AL2-GSM--Program UP/DOWN_load

    Yes, and i have also MX-MAE. i read the manual of both software abought "teleservice"(this how Mitsubishi call the function to read and write program remotely via inteligent GSM modem ) but it only mention that it can be done not how to do it. do you have any experience?
  4. AL2-GSM--Program UP/DOWN_load

    Hi everyone I have the MAM-GM106 GSM Modem,and i want o be able to read/write program from/to the AL2 controller. I read the manual and it says that it is posible via teleservice, but it doesn't say the way of doing this. i try to search it in MX-MAE software but i couldn't. Has any one try to read/write the program of AL2 controller via GSM-modem? another question is how i will send the program form my PC to the GSM-modem?  
  5. PLC_Q - Inverter_FR-A700_Profibus

    Solve it!
  6. PLC_Q - Inverter_FR-A700_Profibus

     Kaare_t, thanks for the interest, No, i haven't solve it yet. I have the "rsp  err" red led light on, in the cpu.... and i can't receive data. i have check wiring, terminator resistor, gx configurator dp prog, gx works2 prog and inverter parametes. But i think there is a problem in FR-A7NP card, that normally the indication led should light up red if there is no connection, and green if there is connection, but in my project the indication led doesn't light anything. I read it in manual and says that if the inverter is off the indication light is off. i change the FR-A7NP card with a new one and it's the same, the indicating light doesn't light up. Any advise? do you remember facing something like that?  
  7. PLC_Q - Inverter_FR-A700_Profibus

    Ok, now i'm back on this project and i've done some research.   Although, I still can’t communicate.   I find the GX configuration dp I open the gsd file I download the program to the plc. The “rsp. err.” Led, on the QJ71PB92D module is always on(red), when I run the diagnostics on GX configurator dp the error says ”exchange with the slave cannot be conducted” The wiring is good, and the settings in FR-A700 seems ok,   Anyone has any experience with projects like this? Anyone has a tested program for communication with inverter FR-A700 via profibus?  
  8. LCPU - Read/Write program via internet

    Thanks for the reply TheoV. i will search if the first solution fits the application and i will inform you.
  9. Hi altan i have pid example for FX5U, send me a mail and i can send it to you.
  10. Hi everybody, I have a problem with a LCPU that I want to remote read/wright the program. I have a LCPU that is connected to an Ethernet network, I know it is possible to read/wright program from a station of the network to from/to an LCPU. But is it possible to read/write program from a remote station (that isn’t in the network) via internet?   Any one has any idea?   Thanks in advance
  11. GT1450 recipies problem

    ok i will answer yous previus question again Gambit: ANSWER: sometimes the only thing you can't see is the recipes, sometimes the hole display is not sawing. This is something that happens 2 or 3 times per day. i spoke to the maker of this machine and he told me that the previous time he saw something like this was fixed when he change the location of the recipes. I check the program of the HMI and i saw that the recipes are stored in Build in SRAM of the HMI (he is't using SDcard). do you think it's possible this is the reason why this disfunction occurs?
  12. GT1450 recipies problem

    Dear Gambit Thanks for the quick reply. I think that the parts are visible, but the indication(like speed, etc..) is lost. I talked with the company that construct this application and they told me that they have seen this happen again. They told me it’s the Recipes that needs to move from the HMI to the PLC, but I don’t understand what they mean?
  13. GT1450 recipies problem

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with a GT1450-QLBDE HMI that is connected with a FX3G PLC. (the following problem description is as it has been described to me, when i went to saw the application no error oqured) The problem of this HMI is that afrer some time of continious functionning (not certain time) the HMI start to loose the displaing data and i can't gine any command in the HMI(it does not respont). the only thing you can do is to power off and on the HMI. After power off and on, the HMI is working good for some time. any one have any idea about the reason why, this is hapening? thanks in advance.
  14. PLC_Q - Inverter_FR-A700_Profibus

    no i haven't solve it yet, but there are more ergent projects now so i will start it again when i find time, but i do download the GX configurator DP that i didn't have. thanks for the interest, if i have any news i'm going to come back.
  15. Hi everyone, i have an FR-A720 with a profibus card FR-A7NP and i want to comunicate via Profibus with a QJ71PB92D that is connected to Q03UDVCPU. i have a program example for GX works2 that i download and there is a folder with two ".gsd" files. it's the first time i try to comunicate with QCPU via Profibus and i don't know how to install these ".gsd" files? any one have an idea ?(i know you do) thank you in advance!