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  1. Yes, I've put positive edge detection on 1s pulse bit so it decreases only once on positive pulse..
  2. Yes, I have made a data register with decrement on built-in 1s pulse. But I have made a FB block and write a code in it and check the 'retain' box. Would it retian data on power off or Do I have to save my data in DM locations? and how would I save data in DM location? Could you give me an example?
  3. And how to store DM locatiosn? I have CJ1M CPU13. Does this CPU contain DM locations?
  4. does it work accurately?
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to omron stuff. I have been given a task to execute a timer with retentive values on power off. I want to retain timer value when plc turn on after shut down. Timer should be start from where it stops on power failure. How to do that could anyone help me out here?