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  1. Thanks for the help, everyone! The module is run without the cartridge - the slot is always empty as you see in the pic. You are right that all the leds are lit - though they are not typically, even with the cartridge out. The top led is usually lit and the terminal led lights intermittently. acpi - it sounds like from your post that I'm on a hardware fault and on the road to replacement! My service technician holds the memory cartridge and reloads the program when/if the PLC loses the program. I wish I could download the program to my own memory cartridge so I didn't have to pay the tech every time to reload the program but I am having some trouble finding a cartridge. Thanks again. Andy
  2. Hello - we run a car wash that is controlled by a Modicon TSX Micro 3721001. It is indicating a CPU fault. I've attached a picture of the unit in place, with the LEDs lit. I have ordered a new base unit (2nd picture). I haven't tried it out yet, but it is tested working. I am hoping a base unit replacement will solve the problem, but wondering if it it possible the problem could be in the modules? I did not order those but now wondering if I should have... If the issue could be with the modules, is there a way to test which one it would be so I won't need to order all 4? If it coult be a module, I might order that now as I am in a rush to get back in service. Thanks for any guidance! Andy