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  1. I am one of the company I.T. members and have the resopnsibility of set up and some support for our engineers. I am not very familiar with the PLC world so be gentle - I recently discovered that ABB and Omron are best installed on a virtual PC and that not doing so is probably the reason my users have such head aches and why their Core i7 laptops are essentially no better than a 386 without a math co-pro... I got a little smarter this time and got a Lenovo W541 for the new Tech. I have a few questions about setting up these VMs 1) XP is no longer supported and hence blacklisted by the company, which means XP Mode is out of the question. I have decided to go with Virtual Box - From what I've seen in posts, it's a decent choice. 2) Do I add the VM to Active directory or keep it in a workgroup? 3) Do I bridge the NIC? 4) A separate VM for RSLogix 5000 and a separate VM for Omron CX-One? 5) Should I uninstall unnecessary stuff like Internet Explorer from the VMs? 6) Are there any other guidelines or things-to-watch-out-for that I should be aware of? Regards, Kerry