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  1. I get, your guys are probaly right the original network of this machine is RS232. I dont know powerflex 4m acept this eletrical type of network, I thought was just Rs485. This explain why the network is in Star Topology and no Daisy Chain.Maybe one slave respond at time, in other words, just one to one communication at time. Explain why all powerflex have 3 pins in your RJ45 conector connected to Micrologix. But dont explain why the network fall when one slave is desconected. Anyway i will remake this network whith pins that Mickey say. I have 2 more question, u guys know the pinout of RJ45 of powerflex4m? And when i use Rs485 whith micrologix i need to use "no handshaking Rs485" in toolbox or just use "no handshaking"
  2. Hello b_carlton Well i not tryng use anithing this is what already have there. (Is not my project). I dont have and cant buy NC01 now, this is not a option, what i need to know is how the powerflex are comunicating whith success whith pins 2,4 and 7 and if they are RS485 or 232 just this. And how i put another slave whith this, is just that. Another question NC01 is a converter? RS232 for RS485 or just a isolator? About voltage i measure and is 9V.
  3. Thanks Mickey, but is that one thing is make me confuse. In the actual instalation(micrologix+6 powerflex4m), the pins used are 2,4,7, and this make me confuse a lot. Because they are pin of RS232 right? I read in some manual, the pins 1,2,8 are for DH485 and if used in other way can damage the min Din port. I am realy confuse in this case. Maybe this question help me a litle bit. 1 - How the micrologix know if it is using the RS232 or RS485 in modbus configurarion?Is whith pins? Or it use the same pins(2,4,7, for Rs232 and RS485) and have some software configuration?(i sow in RSLogix500, Modbus configuration "No handshanking 485") 2 - If pins 1,2,8 are Rs485 and 2,4,7 are RS232, how i can control those 6 powerflex 4m?
  4. Polarity of Tx and Rx? I invert the cable no success. The original network is a crappy i will remake that, but resistor are not the problem I put 2 plc at less than 20cm and wont work.
  5. Hi guys! Well i have a anoying problem, whith micrologix 1100 the problem is, i have on machine whith use micrologix 1100 and 6 powerflex 4m in a modbus rtu communication, direct in the mini din port( no NC converter). At here ok the communication work like heaven, but now i have to put one another slave, what is a another plc (XGB-DR20E lsis LG automation line), micrologix is using pin 2,4,7, (mini din port) when i put XGB in the network it fall, when i remove it back. That is my question how i make it work, i dont get Micrologix 1100 have RS 485 and 232 in that mini port right? And if i was control 6 inverters it have to be Rs485 so why i put another slave it wont work? I alread swap cable try link micrologix and XGB direct but nothing work, the configuration are the same, the distance bethew are no longer than 10meters. Some body can brigh me some light? I confuse whith mini din port pinout and cant find nothing in manual or internet.
  6. Hi, i am start a aplication whith modbus for a simple comunication(read/write), some analogic imputs and outputs, whith, AB Micrologix 1500 LSP (1 com port Rs232) and whith a Omron PLC CP1L-L + CIF01 (rs232). I using CP1L like a master, but i try a lot of time and no read/ Write happens, just the recognition of Node (1) and the error code 88, no mather whith Function code i use. I use Modscan32 whith Micrologix 1500 and works fine, com settings are right to, i try 38k, 19,2k, and now 9,2k None stop bit 1, setting on CP1L are in serial Gateway. If i take the cable the reponse memory go to zero, so the communication is happen, just dont in right way. Is possible to use, RS232 whith CP1L, for Modbus communication right ? I already see PCMR code for modbus, but is to complex, for my aplication. No ofense. Someone can help me?