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  1. Delta eserver problem

    Hi Guys, Im using delta eserver to get data from access and there is an error. How do you solve this? Eserver is installed on windows server 8  
  2. Hi guys, how do you estimate the allocation of memory in gx developer for program and comments?
  3. Hi guys,   Why do my Dopsoft does not include DOP-B07SS411?
  4. I'll try your suggestion @Wasan
  5.   Is there a transfer bit (XFER) in GX developer like in CX programmer?
  6. Where can i find driver for master k120s? (LG)
  7. Erratic analog input

    Hi guys, I am testing a RTD using omron and the input value is erratic. I also series a multimeter but the current is stable. How can I solve this?
  8. Hi Guys, I am using FR S520S 0 2k EC mitsubishi and when I run the motor forward, the frequency is the same with my analog output but when I run the motor in reverse the motor is just constant to 25Hz. I tried just a simple forward and reverse motor program and I just set the analog output in "monitoring watch" and the same problem. Motor forward frequency follows the analog output of plc while in reverse the frequency is just constant to 25 Hz. How can I solve this?
  9. FR S520S inverter reverse frequency problem

    Hi Kraykov, Can I only use the current input for one direction only orr It is possible for both? I tried 4(AU) in Pr. 63 but nothing happens. 
  10. I just discovered work bits. Never used it, I just want to know when will I use it.
  11. Hi,I am new in project engineering and my previous work is PLC programming only. For experienced engineers, what are the step by step procedure that you use in migrating/upgrading and what are the things that I will avoid?
  12. the PLC is siemens s5 to s7-300 and we will provide new HMI. We will also change the old contactors and rewire the panel
  13. Hi guys, I'm having a problem on how to save the home position for omron servo driver. How does the servo driver know where the home position is after turning on? Btw, I am using Mitsubishi FX3u for my PLC
  14. Omron servo (R88D) homing using Mitsu FX3u

    The servo motor is R88M-KE10030H-BS2. I think it is incremental. I can go already to the home position but how can I register that position to be the home position of the servo? In my case, the servo still registers its home position to its last position after turning on.
  15. Fault reset + Close screen

    Oh, I forgot to specify the software that I am using, I am using ADP6
  16. Fault reset + Close screen

    Hi again guys, How can I combine the fault reset momentary bit and close screen in one button?
  17. GX developer violet selector

    Ok, Thanks Ron for the information!
  18. GX developer violet selector

    Hi guys, My selector in GX developer is violet, how can I change it to blue again?
  19. GX developer violet selector

    Thank you panic mode!
  20. Programming FX2n-EX

    Ah Okay, Thanks Rodney!
  21. Programming FX2n-EX

    Hi guys, How do you program expansion i/o (FX2n-EX) in GX developer?
  22. Programming FX2n-EX

    Thank you for your answers!  Theo, where can I find the switch power to the base unit?
  23. Programming FX2n-EX

    Hi guys, How do you program expansion i/o (FX2n-EX) in GX developer?
  24. The solution explorer on my TwinCAT only shows I/O. How can I fix this so it can also show the PLC, SYSTEM, etc...
  25. What control/PID valve can I use to control steam? The pipe has a 1 inch diameter