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  1. So im looking for recommendations on a safety PLC application, and I'd like some advice. So the addiction is zero motion detection, were using a 5069-L306ERMS2, 5069-IB8S, 5069-OBV8S. What id like to know if its feasible and safe. Can a zero speed detection code be written and safe in a PLC? I mean you can buy a zero speed detection safety relay, and two generic sensors , one PNP, and one NPN, and its just watching the pulses to happen in a predetermined manor and that both transition in the correct manor and that they both stop. So why or why not do this in a PLC? Any advice on how to do it, and considerations or advice?  What are peoples thoughts and or advice?
  2. Rack error is detected

    @Joe E.the SLC and micrologic both support inhibiting. in the status file under the IO tab. by setting bit to "0" in S:11 & S:12 slot you can turn cards off. Now this is rack size dependent i mention this cuz i do this a lot when debugging logic with a process but not having the specific I/O cards i need. this also allows you to write to the memory locations were the cards would be, so you can write complimentary logic to debug your program. So first things first, what @pturmel suggested is a good starting point. Do you have any analog cards in the chassis? If you do one of those is most likely the cause of your issue. When they fail the processor usually cant tell what slot is causing the issue standard digital I/O cards don't seem to have that issue in my experience.  Remove your analog cards one at a time and  inhibit in program and see if fault goes away, or if you have replacement cards swap them one at a time till you find the misbehaving card.
  3. Does anybody have any experience with one of these? If so does anybody have any recommendations, gottchas, or words of caution? Im seriously considering getting one...   Any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Tim,

    Hi, My name is Brian. If you don't mind i have a couple questions for you.


    I watched a few of your videos, great work! So in your first video i saw you have a computer controlled automatic wire stripping cutting machine. How do you like it? I've been considering one for awhile and have found some on Amazon and from a company called Joyfay. Where did you get yours? Do you have any recommendations/advise or gotchas for someone heavily considering purchasing one?




  5. Technote: 20490 indicated that from the PLC end SNMP and HTTP boxes should be checked if having communications issues. At least if your using a 5/05 and having communications issues, so id assume other Processors would want a similar setup. This maybe a reason to tell IT it should be left on.
  6. Allen Bradley/RS Linx

    We need some more information, which processor specifically? 501,502,503,504,505, what protocol are you trying to use which port on the processor, what cables, etc... There are many different cables and configurations to connect to most of the SLC processors. SLC-500 is just the series and is very generic in terms of knowing what you have and trying to help you out.
  7. does anyone have any example code or experience using the RHC and TDF commands? i need to calculate speed based off of and input pulse. i know what the diameter, tooth count and pitch are of the gear i'm measuring and also have to relate this to the diameter of another gear. i'm hoping Ken Roach has some words of wisdom, i do appreciate advice from anyone. Thanks in advance.
  8. So for years now ive always changed the default color scheme in logix 5, 500 and 5000 from the default white background to black and done some other nifty things with the colors. Really helps my eyes instead of having that white background blair at them all day. So my question is this.... Is there a file that can be copied and moved to another computer with my settings? This would be much easier for my so do that to set computers next to each other so i can get the setting i had and prefer. 
  9. S7 317-2DP Softplc Sinumerik commumications

    UPDATE: the other part i found out is this is the sinumerik 240D not the 240Di so the PLC is deffinetly in the rack with the servo amplifiers and not in the PCU-50 So I've been doing some research and this is what i has determinted... if i use an s7-300 with a cp343 and have a siemens guy add this node to the profibus network that i can exchange data this way using a  Computer with an OPC server such a kepware to poll data.   I have also found devices that i can connect to the MPI port, and would allow connection of a Computer with an OPC server such a kepware to poll data.   does anybody make a gateway that would allow me to talk ethernet/IP on one side and MPI on the other so i can pull data out of this thing with out finding a siemens guy to come in and modify the profibus network??   I know of serveral devices that will do just this on the PROFIBUS DP network, trying not to have to suliciatae any more people on this project surly on of you siemens people can give me some insight please???
  10. Alight first off, I'm NOT a siemens guy, Second thanks in advance for any and all advice. So i'm working on a large data collections project, been now handed part of this project that is completely out of my depth but this is what i have found. I trying to retrieve data from a large cnc machining center, it has a Sinumerik control on it. Kepware nor Prosoft PLX32-EIP-SIE are able to communicate with the controller. Comms are rejected by the server. Its and industrial PC. So i was able to get into the back end of the controller and do some poking around and it appears as if the problem in simply that a Industrial Ethernet Driver has not been configured. And i've found the following documents to support my theory. I did figure out how to add the ethernet driver,in simatic manager however at this point what needs done? Do you have to download to the controller? I'm a little leery of making any changed just because i have backed anything up and saved it first, i don't know how. I just don't want to mess anything up. It let me add it but im treading lightly here, i'm not going to save anything to someone confirms my process. Anyway does anyone have any thoughts or input?