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  1. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    Hi,   I am programming  a Mitsubishi PLC and want to make a connection to an Allen Bradley PLC through QJ71E71-100 card. I only need to read some data from AB plc and let AB plc to read some data register in Mitsubishi PLC. Do you guys have any recommendation way to make this work? Someone said if I designate the data register under PLC parameter-> Device for  (B) and (W) and can easily use them in my program with no additional programming for send or receiving. Thank you
  2. D/A Convertor

    I was not familiar with that. You are right it was very easy with "Auto Refresh". Thank you so much.
  3. D/A Convertor

    Hello,   I am programming a Mitsubishi PLC with QCPU and trying to get an out put voltage from  Q62DAN D/A Module. The switch setting is for 0-5v, Parameter for CH1 is 0:Enable, And Auto Refresh I lefted blank, I connect 24VDC to the card. wrote the program in the manual and change the I/O addresses to my I/O addresses(see the atachment please). But still I do not get any output. I noticed U8\G20.0-3 and U8\G20.4-7 in Intelligent Function Module Monitor are Unsigned and they show 4 to 20mA which is I set them for 0 to 5V. Does any body know where is the issue that I cannot get any out put from my card? Thank you in advance. 
  4. Hi experts, I am new in in RSView and start to learning, Anyway, I want to create bar-code in RSView and send it to zebra printer via network. Can I do with VB Scripts or do I need any other application? I need your help to make this happen. Your kind help will be highly appreciated! Thank you.