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  1. We have a couple Mitsubishi FX2c-96MT 's running a Laser engraver and one of them appears to have a faulty card or connections on the card. we picked up a couple spares one is a FX2C-96MT and the other is FX2c-96MT-ess. Is there really a difference between these? I see on the old PLC the middle card says ess on it already? we need to "harvest" the current plc program before swapping into the new unit. we picked up one of the cheapie pc connection kits which doesn't look like it is right and don't want to connect it and burn something out. IT has a rs232 on one end than a male 25-pin connector with a second cord that goes from female 25-pin to the mini-DIN connector. Neither of the FX2c-96MT plc's have a mini-din connection as i read online everywhere. there is a 25-pin connector on the top next to the FX2c-96MT label. is this the programming port? I would have assumed the programming port would either be the one covered up by the battery cover or the little one on the end with a 3/8 x 1" cover. I am assuming thae, with no instructions for much of anything. Thanks for all and any help in this matter t we should be able to use an older laptop running winXP for this? i downloaded GX developer and will install it on the xp laptop as soon as we are able to be sure of a cable that will be safe and not damage anything. If this cable we purchased will not work, could someone send a link for instructions to fabricate one? I see several in a gogle search, but they are all different and we want to make sure we do this safely as the program on the PLC is apparently NOT backed up anywhere, and the people who set it up years ago are long gon Paul
  2. That is unfortunate as we had understood when we ordered we weere getting two non ESS PLC's the ESS oner was actually more expensive, but he ended up sending that instead?? Do you know what the actual differences are? we have been having trouble with the center board, so simply swapped the replacement into the damaged PLC and the machine is back up running. we were going to do the same with the other laser-bank next week, but only if the board is the same. Hopefully the ESS part is on the program board of the lower board instead of the center one, and not it being a totally different device. please let me know if you have any knowledge about this. Regarding replacing/upgrading the PLC's , it's not going to happen, so we need to just keep it plodding along as it is. the company needs this machine working, but i don't see them going through the expense of upgrading as the machine is a one-off prototype and the designer/builders are NLA!