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  1. Indentify control boxes in old panel

    That makes sense.We found a wiring schematic after I posted this and they are paralleled with with solenoids that operate the up and down respectively. Looking up Resistive Capacitive Arc Snubber looks like they are exactly it.  Now I just need to calculate replacements for them and find them. Thank you so much, that was a huge help getting the actual name of them.
  2. I'm trying to identify the two black boxes in this motor control panel. This is specfically controling a Strippit machine. There are two of the boxes stacked on top of each other. Each has two wire coming out,  a 120 volt from a relay and the other goes to neutral. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have a program that I as building in SoMachine V4.3 and Vijeo Designer 6.2. Everything is coming together well at this point but I can't seem to figure out if I can put a poteniometer type object on the HMI using Vijeo Designer. This will be used to control the speeds of some VFD that are connected to the PLC. I have found ways to use a meter or simple numeric input it change the WORD that controls the drive speed. I would really like to use a knob or slider bar as I believe it would be a nice function. I've tried it on two different Magelis screens that I will be using for two different projects. One is a HMISCU8A5(controller and HMI in one unit) and the other is a HMIGTO3510.   Thank You