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  1. urgent help

    Hello Tanks for the solution this was the exact problem as later i solved it. but now i am getting problem in receiving the temperature sometime i am receiving, sometime it gives the values in another operand and sometime it stops. I had not defined the end code, is it the problem with the end code ? as my end code is 2A0D so i have to give this in my parameters setting?
  2. urgent help

    yet no reply the exact problem is FCS because the calculate FCS is in 8 bit which is 4 ascii character and I need 2 character before the end code. one think i don't understand that the fcs instruction is calculating the value which changes in every second I can't get the stable value so the data which is send has different valus so the received response is generating fcs error.
  3. urgent help

    Dear friend i am using omron cj2m cpu 15 by replacing c200h i am using inbuilt communication rs232c communicting omron eak500 temperature controller using ascii code i am using instruction rxd and txd two times to recive the current temperature and to send the control temperature as i am reciving the current temperature in my daa paremeter but the problem is i can't send the control temperature all was working with c200h but when i replced the unit just the thing i cant send it is control temperature i use ascii string @002023100[fcs] which is 14 bit data and when i recive the response its is displaying the fcs error As i see the data parameters the fcs instruction calculate the data from d95 and put the value in d100 but the problem i think is the fcs data is 4 bit so i think it is not gtting the end code plese help me urgently