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  1. Iteration trough data registry

    Hello, your solution workin perfect. Once again thank you a lot!.  
  2. Iteration trough data registry

    Hello, first of all you are the best i will try this. Thanks!
  3. Hello, i have simple problem but i do not  have solution for it. Therefore, i  have one source for example D0 and i whant on every cycle change destination of data registry for example from D100 to D200? To be more clearer i need to move value from the D0 in first iteration in D100, then in second iteration in D101 and so on. P.S. I working on FX3G nad FX3U with GX works2. Thank you in advance.
  4. MX Components in setup C#

    Ok, guys! Thanks for your time. I have solution for this issues. I'm not sure if this is an illegal action, but never mind. Therefor, if you need some ocx(.dll) from mx components in your app and you do not want to install all mx components on client machine you need to extract yours .dll's and one special .dll. The name of special .dll is ActDNaviClient.dll. When is special .dll are in the same folder with yours .dll's you will be able to register yours .dll. After that your app will start normally. Once again thanks for every help in this topic!!! P.S. You can register your dll's from system32 or from syswow64, it does not matter from which folder register.
  5. MX Components in setup C#

    Yes i do not have MX components on that computer and yes that is i good guess that i need to register the .dll's, but i do not have a luck with that. As for the registration, i know the classic way with regsvr32.exe app, but that do not work. Thanks for your time.
  6. MX Components in setup C#

    Hello, I have some new information a bout the my problem. Therefore, on win 7 i have error like on picture in attachment. And if you want you can install the dummy app and the app is also in the attachment. Thanks for your time I appreciate it. Error.bmp PROBA.rar
  7. MX Components in setup C#

    OK, I see that there was a misunderstanding. I have source and everything works fine, but to avoid a discussion about the source, because I know that does not cause problems (it took me two days to figure out) I simply extracted the problem in a simple example. Because of all the above I made a new project without any control on the form except ActProgType control, and I made the setup application to run on other machines without MX components.Setup is installed without any problem, but when you start the application form is not displayed on the screen, with or without a code.P.S. Everything pass without the error. I hope I have managed to explain. :)Thank you very much for your time.
  8. MX Components in setup C#

    I do not have any code only have control on my form. On completely different machine (without MX Components). P.S. on machine with mx components its work. Thank you in advance!
  9. MX Components in setup C#

    I have 4.06G version.
  10. MX Components in setup C#

    Hello, I have a problem with MX components when i create install for my app (C#). For example i do not have any components from VS.NET(2010) on the form, only ActProgType.dll (this is one of mx components ocx). Everything its OK when i test the app in VS, but when i create setup for this dummy app and when i startup i do not have any error, but my form its not show. P.S. I have target platform on X86 because of COM component. Can anybody helps me? Thank!