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  1. Is there anyway to use an existing parameter, or HMI tag, as the name of the parameter file to open on a Goto Display button settings? I would swear that I had this working two days ago. I tried it today and can't get anything to work. I have multiple screens for setting up equipment. Each piece of equipment has its own parameter file. I don't want to have a button for each piece of equipment on each screen and only show the button for the currently selected equipment. What I have and thought was working was is a bunch of parameter files named System X, where X is a number. On Screen 1 I have a Goto Display button going to Screen 2. The parameter file was set to "{#2}". In each System X parameter file #2 = SystemTagsX. In my HMI Tags, I have several tags names SystemTagsX, each one set to "System X" (matches the parameter filename). As I mentioned, I thought this was working and remember testing it two days ago. I've done other things to the project testing out different things and don't know if I broke something or not. All I know is I've spent several hours this morning trying everything to get it working again and now it doesn't. If I was on drugs when this was working a couple days ago, I wish I knew which ones so I could go back on them. Thanks anybody for your time and help, Brad
  2. Copy HMI Tag value to parameter

    That was my fallback plan. I was hoping to keep the controller separated from the programs because some systems might have a PLC for each component. I was trying to make this as modular as possible. Maybe I went too far? Thanks for your time.
  3. Copy HMI Tag value to parameter

    Is there any way to copy the value of an HMI tag to a parameter (FactoryTalk View ME 8). I am looking at doing something like: #100 = HMITag1 value I get #100 = HMITag1 name when I try anything meaningful. For example, if I have HMITag1 = test. I want to get #100 to equal "test", but I keep getting #100 is equal to "HMITag1". A little more background in case there is a better way of doing this. I have several components (pieces of equipment) that are the same. Each has its own program on the PLC that includes a group of tags for the component's settings. Most components use the same settings by copying tags from the controller level to the tags at the program level. A couple components need special settings. I have one HMI screen that each component will display for settings. A parameter file for each component will be used to display the settings from the proper Program. The parameter files have a tag for the program name (#100 = Program:ComponentX). On the HMI components I have {::[PLC]#100TestVar1}. This works great when #100 is a program name (the special cases). I was trying to get #100 to equal a blank so the object would access the controller level tag so any changes to the global versions would be across the board. I thought I could create an HMI string tag equal with no value to accomplish this. I just can't get #100 to equal a null string.