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  1. Hello everyone,        I'm checking out the manual fot the S5 ET 100U due to some power supply problems in the factory I work. I've worked in projects with S7 PLCs and ET 200s, but these old PLCs and modules are still operative  in the factory. I'm attaching a picture with an excerpt of the manual. What do they mean by floating and nonfloating modules, exactly?     Thank you veyr much in advance.
  2. Hello Everyone,        I am trying to add the Virtual Backplane driver to RSLinx in order to simulate a program. But when I try to add it, RSLinx just doesn't do it, I know it should appear in the "configured drivers" area, but it doesn't. First I thought something went wrong when I installed the RSLinx, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it making sure all the EDS were correctly installed—I read somewhere that it could be the problem—but again, the same problem. I would appreaciate any help.   Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everybody,        I am trying to set an FB58 to control the Temperature in  a spray dryer. I have copied and pasted the FB58. the OB35, the OB100 and the DB58 from the sample project in Step 7 to my project—eliminating the call to the FB100, the process simulation—but there's a problem when I try to open the DB58 from the parameter assignment interface, it says it's not an instance data block, even when it clearly states in its properties dialog that it's the instance data block for the FB58.      Also, I would like to know what value should I use for the SELECT parameter when using continuous control. I don't really see that in the manual.   Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Everybody,      I am working on a PROFIBUS network with a CPU 314 and a CP-342 since the CPU doesn't have any DP capabilities, it's just for tests but the actual project will be done with a 312C CPU. I have configured the FC1 and FC2 that are necessary for the communication between the CPU and the CP; I have created one DB to send the outputs from and another one to receive the inputs in, the only error it gave me was that at first the input DB was not big enough, I fixed it and it doesn't give me any error anymore, the problem is that it writes the outputs correctly in the slaves but won't receive the inputs from them.      I am not using TIA portal because the project will have a Multi-Panel for which we don't have the lincese, we'll integrate it with WincC flexible 2008; I am attaching screenshots of the DBs, the HW config and the OB1 with the configuration of the FCs, also screenshots of the segments I created to test the inputs and outputs. When I monitor the programthe inputs don't even activate (the bits in the DB1)   Thank you in advance.      
  5. Difference between 1769-IQ32 and 1769-IQ32T

    This is kind of an old topic, but I'll use it to ask my question since it's closely related to this. There is no possibility to use a 1492 wiring system with 16 I/O points?
  6. ControlLogix Selection

    Hello everyone, I am working in the selection of a Control System with a Logix5561 Controller in a factory. Other similar machines have been migrated to this controller, we will use the same for a last machine, and I am having some doubts in the selection of some components. Hopefully some of you can help me with your experience. There is to be used, 2 DI Modules (1756-IB32 & 1756-IB16), 2 DO Modules (1756-OB32 & 1756-OB16E), an EtherNet/IP Module 1756-ENBT for communication with a PanelView 700, and a Thermocouple Module 1756-IT6I. My questions are the following: About RTBs: - I found in the Rockwell "Product Selection" page that the 1756-TBCH Clamp Block comes only in 36 Pin format and the TBNH Nema Screw Clamp Block comes only in 20 Pin format. Is this correct? The desinger will have to use different RTBs depending on the number of points their module has, right? - Do RTBs come with the Keying bands (wedge-shaped, U-shaped)? I don't find whether they are included with the module or the RTB in the manual. If not, how are they ordered? - Do RTBs come with the identifying sticker for the module when one specifies the module to use? Or they come with the module? About thermocouple Modules: - The one used in the other machines is 1756-IT6I, and I'll use the same. I am trying to find out in the manuals if the Cold Junction Sensor to be used with this module comes with it or if it has to be purchased seperately. Is it 1756-CJC for any Thermocouple module? - The wiring guidelines in the manual for this module say something about connecting the ground end of the cable --they recommend using a Belden 8761. But what if I use the normal thermocouple cable? Is it completely necessary to use this type of cable and ground it in this way? In the module that is already installed in the other machines there is no ground connection. About DO Modules: - We are going to need additional 12 Digital Outputs at least, and the second module that I mention (1756-OB16E) is to be used for this. Now, these are not standard, if they had standars 16 output modules I'd use them, but using another standard 32 output module would be more expensive and sure there would be a lot of outputs not used. Thanks in advance.
  7. Controlling 42VAC 250W heating resistance

    Saludos Chantecler, Thanks a lot for your reply.
  8. Hello everyone, I am dimensioning a project in which, among other things, I have to control a temperature through a 42VAC 250W resistance. The machine is already working but they want the control to be done again because it is currently working on a very old PC. Other machines have already been migrated to Allen Bradley 1756 controllers and they want a last machine to be migrated in the same way. Now, the other PLCs control these temperatures via Digital Outputs with a solid state relay, I assume they are implementing an ON-OFF control. I was considering using an analog output for this resistance but it would be necessary to amplify the voltage given that Allen Bradley analog modules offer only -10.5 ... 10.5 volts outputs. The Output Modules used are 1756-OB32 only, My question is, is it possible that there is another type of control used here? The use of the SSRs makes me think that there is the need to switch considerably fast, although these are not fast modules, so using PWM with them I think would be impossible, but I also think that a simple ON-OFF control for this temperature could be inefficient. Also, if I were to use an analog output, is there a pointing to an amplifier (Allen Bradley) that I could use for this application considering the heating element involved? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I have tried to set a question to appear in a screen of a KTP600 Color PN with a text field, but they just don't appear. Isn't it possible? How can you set the text fields to show these characters in the runtime?
  10. Hello, I am having two problems in programming a KTP600 color PN: 1. I defined a user and its password and authorization for some buttons to be operated. They activate a screen and I need a user to be logged in in order to go to that screen and operate it. I was looking for a way to set it to ask for login and then after logging in successfully, immediately activating the screen, but I only managed to get the buttons to pop up the login screen and then it goes back to the original screen to then press the buttons again to be able to activate the screen. The pictures attached shows how I defined the user and how I set the buttons to ask for login before allowing to operate. Why does this happen? And also, how can I set it to go inmediately to a screen after logging in instead of having to press the button again? 2. Another different problem is the update cycles. I want to see some timer values, but they are updated slowly and I only see some leaps in the variables. How can I change the update cycles for faster ones? I am using an S7-1200 1214C. with TIA Portal V13. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Hello everyone, I will be working on an automation project with an AB PLC, but so far I have only worked with Siemens. The system requirements are the following: Modular PLC that supports Ethernet communication (To use a PanelView), 10 DI, 10 DO, 10 AI and 10 AO at least and capabilities for ON/OFF and PID control instructions. I have been checking the selection guides for the SLC 500 System and the CommpactLogix System, but only found the PID instructions capabilities in the SLC 500. Probably the 1756 Controllers are too big for the I/O number necessity. I would like to get some advice about this selection, I am almost sure that the SLC will do the job, but if some other one that's smaller and more economical can have the aforementioned capabilities it'll be a better choice. Thanks in advance