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  1. We have just taken ownership of a new line using LS HMI's which are supported by XP Builder software. Much like GP Pro(Proface) Software whenever you want to upload from a HMI you need to save as a new project, the vendor explained to me it is imparitive to save these as "Project Files" when uploading, so of course I have done so. That being said I have been steadily been making small changes to different HMI's saving them as project files and now I am trying to upload from the 4th HMI and it gives me "XGT is not a supported project file" and yes I have the project file tab selected when trying to save as a new file, same XP builder version, same HMI series (XP70). Does anyone have any similar experience with this? I am not able to contact the vendor based out of Korea, go figure. And the LSIS website is not giving me any usable support information. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated, Thanks!
  2. Mitsubishi VFD FR-700 Freq Drive

    I will use JRoss' method on the next 4 that I Install, the omron relay sockets and relays I am using are like 70-100$ depending on who you order them through and this will really clean up/speed up the install, I will have a picture of what I ended up with shortly. Thanks again guys!
  3. Mitsubishi VFD FR-700 Freq Drive

    Alright sorry for the delay I just wrapped up this VFD install project so here we go: JRoss: I am using a QY42P NPN card Dunc: Using sinking logic I ended up using omron g6b-47bnd mechanical relays (stuff we had in house) to close my contacts between Rhigh, Rmid, Rlow etc to the SD terminal (Input common), so on the coil side of the relay, being NPN I landed the 24v high from the power supply across the (+) terminals and the outputs from the outputs card across the (-) terminals and this was the winning combination for me. (I am reading this after the install btw, sorry for that) Dunc: So your saying I could have avoided the mechanical relays all together by using the PC 24v source to the relay output card and come back with the physical outputs of the card to land on Rhigh etc. I will have 4 more of these to do shortly so I am interested accomplishing this wiring without the relay setup and using just the relay output card. Great information guys, thanks for the help.
  4. Mitsubishi VFD FR-700 Freq Drive

    Alright, I thinking that I need to use solid state relays to give me my "No Voltage Inputs" on the freq drive coming from my high signal (24vdc) on the output card on the controller, and then on the contact side of the relay I am going to tie the control input signals (RunHigh, RunMid, RunLow, ForwardRotationStart, Etc) to common via closing the relay and controlling my drive. Does this make sense? I have not had the pleasure of working with "No Voltage Inputs" and tech support gives me answers like "Sure" and "That might work" when I asked them about this. Thank you for your patience
  5. Mitsubishi VFD FR-700 Freq Drive

    This is a FR-E720-330 (SC), Integrating with a Qseries Mitsu Controller
  6. Stumped!

    Nice start Maverick, I have experience with Omron and Zebra integration, if this will help you let me know and I will start getting a sample together or help in any way I can, I know what it feels like to be stuck!! Good luck
  7. Mitsubishi VFD FR-700 Freq Drive

    Hello All, before getting into too much detail I just had some control wiring questions for this drive and was wondering if any of you have experience with these drives, if so please respond! Thanks Mike
  8. CX-Designer Quick Transfer Utility

    Hello All, I am new to your community as of today and was looking for a "sticky" topic covering this but could not find one I am working with projects of fairly large scale and debugging/making changes on the production floor pretty often. When doing so I will make a change, then try and use the quick transfer utility (Via USB) (Which according to tech support only sends data that has been changed since the upload from the PT) and it takes 10 minutes or more!!! the exact same time it takes to do a normal transfer. Am I missing something that needs to be configured to only send the screen that I was currently working on? I am pretty new to CX designer as well, I have had experience with Panasonic HMI's that would allow me to select individual screens to transfer, can we do anything simliar to that with CX? Any help is greatly appreciated, Let me know!