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  1. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    I just ended up getting PV Plus 600 Compact. 2711PC T6C20D8. I am having trouble trying to configure the drivers. I am using RSLinx Classic. I do not know if there is a way to configure or communicate with PV and PC through Factory Talk . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    The model # is 2711-T6C2L1. Note: The laptop i am using is an old laptop with no RS 232 port. I don't have access to 1747 UIC but i have 1761-NET-AIC if that helps. Appreciate the help. Thanks
  3. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    I am still unable to communicate with the PV through the PC. Can someone guide me through? Thanks
  4. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    How do i figure if its lsp or lrp? Its pv 600 2711 T2C6L1
  5. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    ML1500 24WBA. My bad i was thinking about PV600. It does have RS232.
  6. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    There is no RS232
  7. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    Thank you so much for the help. Next topic is how do i check if my Micrologix 1500 ( 24 WBA) is communicating with the PC? I dont have any PLC program finished yet.
  8. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    How does one load the application on the PV 600?
  9. PV 600 and PanelBuilder32

    How would you go about creating a manual data entry function? I want my HMI to display a keypad for manual entry of an ID or a password.
  10. Hi This is my first time using AB PV 600 and panelbuilder32. I do not have the original CD since it was bought long time ago. I am looking for few examples to configure this HMI to display a simple welcome message and is there a way to conenct an access database to the panelbuilder32. Thanks