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  1. error opening 1756-L61 file or plc

    Thanks for that, Bering the help file should have mentioned this it would have saved me a day of searching and reinstalling different versions. Have a great 4Th Peter van Hoof
  2. error opening 1756-L61 file or plc

    It is the RSLogix Mini edition In the "Help","About" ," More info," it shows the following Built on: 02/17/09 01:59:23 Installed Components: Ladder Diagram Trending External Routines Installed Controller Support: CompactLogix5300 FlexLogix5400 Installed Firmware Support: v13 v15 v16 v17 v18 v19 v20 v21" I have little experience with rslogix5000 and have no idea if this is the right one, I might need an additional download or maybe the "Mini" version doesn't support this processor. Peter van Hoof
  3. *** SOLVED*** When opening a source or trying to connect to a 1756-L61 I get the following error: failed to open file..... Support for the 1756-L61 controller is not installed. All EDT files for it seem to be installed and I have no idea what else I need. Does anyone here know?