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  1. I have created test environment and I must confirm that Collision errors on older Momentum are quite normal and probably harmless. I have one regular office switch and PLC connected only with one PC, and even then I receive collision errors. "This number should be allways 0" is valid probably only for newer Unity Momentum processor with 100Mbs full duplex auto-negotiation.
  2. So finally I had to setup test environment with a spare PLC modules. There I could test it and the OFS error was: 29/09 10:43:10 : MODBUS : IEC Write version-failure detected : MBT: Start_Houkacky_R129/09 10:43:10 : MODBUS : (Refresh 0001) reload symbol table and update items for device MBT 10:43:10 : SdkConcp : ReOpenDatabase, PRJ (C:\Concept\testprj\A_KOST1.PRJ) has same Version (9696,25258000) !!29/09 10:43:10 : SdkConcp : ReloadAndUpdateSymbols, different Version Date/Time' at A_KOST129/09 10:43:10 : MODBUS : Inconsistency detected, Communication now DISABLED with MBT 10:43:10 : VM : End of ReloadDatabase !29/09 10:43:10 : NETMAN : Status UNCERTAIN for : MBT: (error from SendRcvReq: 0x80004005)29/09 10:43:11 : Asynchronous WRITE 2 for group Group1000_017F5028 of 1 items (Tid = 40000001h Cid = 12ffdb8h)29/09 10:43:11 : OFS : Able to send 1 requests (34 bytes)29/09 10:43:11 : NETMAN : SendRcvMaxReq => error sending request to MBT: = 80004005h29/09 10:43:11 : Sync Write failure :MBT : 10:43:11 : Write Error (exp = 1) : error returned = -2 !!29/09 10:43:15 : NETMAN : Status BAD for : MBT: 10:43:20 : NA : Received socket error : 10054The problem might have been the version of Concept. So I did following: This did the trick. The VAR file is substantial and must be allways correctly updated. The other files are not so important for OFS, I have tried to update the project on one computer and to transfer only the VAR file to another computer leaving other Concept files unchanged and it was enough to make it work.
  3. I have recieved info from Schneider technician, that when PRJ is used that the VAR file is not necessary for OFS. I should turn on Dynamic Consistency & Check Device in OFS alias configuration. But the main problem seems to be the fact, that I have used Concept 2.6 to change & upload the project, but the project was created originally with Concept 2.5. The best way to get from this OFS hell is to make all the variables located to specific addresses. I will need to connect to a spare PLC we have and test it in my office. Would you perhaps please suggest, what is the most simple way to power on this PLC using normal office equipment, like old power sources from switches, computers etc?
  4. I have found that in Ethernet statistics there is a Firmware version field. We have 1.23. We have measured and tested optical network and replaced one brown looking switch and now we have 10 collisions per second measured on Momentum. But our problem did not re-appear since then, it seems to be better even with worse collision rate, so I suppose that the assertion that "This number should be allways 0" is wrong. When all the network devices except one STB NIP 2212 island were disconnected from the PLC, the collision rate went down to cca 1 collision per minute, but did not disappear entirely. We plan to replace normal switches with manageable ones to further improve this problem. Also I have read the manual for the newer Momentum, in the old momentum it is stated that: This field contains the total number of transmit collisions.
  5. The reason I have asked was, that one system integrator warned me, that the "Set to 0" in Concept will affect output registers, which was a surprise to me, but Schneider technician disproved that. I do not have any Momentum lab where I could test it.
  6. Finally I got a reponse from Schneider technician that Last Value parametr really affects only input registers and not outputs at all. Outputs are not affected by non-communicating remote module.Thank you.
  7. Thanks, but does that mean that when PLC looses communication with a remote output module, that the correponding variable value in the PLC memory (not in the remote module) remains the same - holds the 16 bit word value regardless on the health state of the remote module? Because we have a problem that the output word value in the remote module suddenly resets to 0 even when no network error seems to happen (and we have already replaced the whole module ADO+ENT with a new one and setup holdup to 5 seconds and also set it up to retain the value when a network error occurs). Thank you for all those replies, I am having troubles getting support on this from the manufacturer.
  8. On Momentum PLC we have setup remote network modules as follows: On output modules with ADO 740 50 we have setup Last Value to Set to 0. Does it actually mean that the output value will be set to 0 in PLC memory immediately when PLC loses ethernet connection with the output module? We have setup hold up timeout on 170 ENT 110 01 on the remote side, but I am not sure how exactly the Concept parameters work with output remote modules. In the Concept documentation the process how Health Timeout and Last Value works is poorly documented. So the question is basically: How does Health timeout and Last Value parameters work in Concept Ethernet I/O Scanner with Momentum and remote output module ADO 740 50 with ENT 110 01? When timeout occurs in communication with output module ENT 110 01+ADO 740 50 and Last Value is configured to "Set to 0", does it mean that the output variable assigned to this remote module is set to 0 in PLC memory? If there are Timed out transactions on PLC with Health timeout expired, would that appear in Ethernet statistics on Momentum web page?
  9. I got an answer from Schneider technician that it rather indicates a network problem than a firmware error. I am unable to find out the firmware version now, since Exec Loader requires PLC to be stopped even to show info. I have also found out that Momentum has half duplex meaning it cannot transmit and receive simultaneously. Still I am not sure if we should somehow deal with the problem (about 1 millon collisions are incremented per week) and first of all I do not know - does it mean normal ethernet collisions and why should it be 0 when collisions are part of ethernet network by design.
  10. We have switches and an optical network dedicated to PLC (+ visualization PC) ethernet traffic. I guess it is pretty difficult to buy a hub nowadays. Among PLC and modules there are also 2 PCs in the network, one with 3 NICs and one with 2 NICs. The secondary network (wired separately) is dedicated to other than PLC traffic (remote desktop, other devices). 1 PC is connected using 3rd NIC to the routed VPN network. But the question is "What mean Total collisions and why it should be allways 0" As per here there are different types of ethernet network collisions and not all of them should be allways 0. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/interfaces-modules/port-adapters/12768-eth-collisions.html#topic1
  11. It says only Exec ID: 899 - is it the firmware version? I found nowhere any hints how to perform firmware update.
  12. Yes, thanks, found it too after all, but on older NIP with exec version 2.0.2 there was in the web interface no choce for "Link failure mode" - does it mean it is "Holdup" by default? On 3... firmware I have setup Link failure mode "Holdup" and 5000 for 5 seconds.
  13. Whe have STB NIP 2212 with DDO3705 connected via optical ethernet with Modicon Momentum M1 PLC. When I disconnect ethernet cable from STB NIP 2212, the machines connected to DDO3705 go off immediately. Is there any option how to configure, how long are output bits persisted, similarly like on ENT 110 01? There I can setup 0 (indefinitely) to 60 seconds.
  14. Hello, We have Modicon Momentum PLC and there is about 80 millions of Collision Errors (and growing cca 1.4 error per second) logged in Ethernet Statistics. In the manual they write only "This field should allways be 0". It is working for us though. We only have one problem that two machines on ADO 740 50 with ENT 110-01 stop simultaneously and irregularrly without any appearent reason. It is happening now for about 6 months, but I have calcluated that this collision errors accumulated over cca 2 years. My question is, what "Collision Errors" mean and could that by any chance make two particular machines on one ADO 740 50 module go off simultaneously?
  15. Thank you, both answers are useful, I did not expect any answer so soon on such a specific subject. I was searching OFS documentation but found no steps how to "reload OFS server with the new project". The Alias Properties has Symbols table file path, which points to the same PRJ file I have modified in Concept. Does it mean I have to upload some initial RAM directly from PLC to Concept after downloading project changes from Concept to PLC? Cannot find how to update OFS or where is the variables mapping stored. I have also found this advice, but not sure if it applies to my problem: