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  1. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi Kare We have now established comms!!! Many thanks for your did more in 1 day than tech support have done in nearly 12 weeks!! Didn't help that one of the Parker can bus connectors joining the drives together is faulty!! regards Colin
  2. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi Kare Loaded program What you have done has made a difference as when I checked the Canbus data with a logger there is more information being transmitted than before.. I will be looking at this again later with my programmer to see if we can send something that we can then see with the logger. Our HMI still says no comms, so we will look at that in reverse as well. I will let you know how we get on regards Colin
  3. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi kare The machine is basically a multi head saw with very fine blades which are used to cut very small aluminium tubes (2.35mm dia) in varying lengths that are then later bent and used in heat exchangers for jet engines. The machine is capable of making up to 8 cuts which produce 7 complete parts or a minimum of 2 cuts producing 1 long part. 1st blade is fixed and the 7 others are moved via the servo motor/linear slide. There are very few movements - Home & move to We home by sending all the saw carriages in one direction until the bottom out against each other under low torque, the final carriage position is monitored so we know when they are all home against each other. Once the preset lengths for tube cuts are made the carriage's will move to their predefined positions. The program will calculate what can and cannot be cut within the limits of the machine and move unused saw blades/carriages to a park position. The machine will then run to produce many thousands of the required components I have attached the Servo drive Bias program & its parameter file (drive 1 node2) I will be testing your program this morning and will let you know how we get on Regard Colin
  4. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi Kare I will try this 1st thing tomorrow.. I have trid uploading an excel file but the site doesn't allow it, Can I send it directly to has the bais program and the parameter info for the drive. The program is very simple which is probably why the original programmer used SDO only. Regards Colin
  5. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi Kaare Many thanks for coming back.. The PLC is controlling 7 x SSD servo drives via I believe SDO or PDO There is no CAN config tool just PLC to Canbus module to Drives We are using a FX3u PLC & FX3u-CAN I will email some screen shots of the drive parameters and bias program, along with other info tomorrow regards Colin
  6. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi Here is our existing program that works perfectly using the fx2n-32can Any help altering it would be much appreciated. regards Colin Servosaw 260907
  7. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi Propeller head thanks for the info, we have been working with the mitsi support dept and quite frankly they are struggling... We were told that the units were directly compatible but they are obviously not.. Could I email the existing working program to you for your guidance Finding software engineers that work specifically with canbus and the mitsi units is a real struggle. regards Colin
  8. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Hi We are still have trouble with this and it seems that the older Fx2n-32Can module uses DS301 protocol, does anyone know if we can still communicate with an older drive which uses a this protocol with a newer FX3u-CANopen module which uses a different protocol? Any help much appreciated
  9. FX2n-32can to Fx3u-canopen

    Could any one help with the upgrade of a Fx2n plc with fx2n-32 can to fx3u plc with fx3u-canopen Have made a duplicate machine 7 years after the 1st one which controlled 7 ssd drives via a canbus (no problems in 7 years) Now have to use fx3u series which we have done, uploaded old program but can't get the Canbus working as comms seem to be different with the FX3u-canopen Is there a simple program mod? desperate any help much appreciated. Any one that could mod the program so it will work? Col