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  1. Berthel COMCON 200

    Hi I Have a COMCON 200 Operator Interface made by BERTHEL I'm trying to test it before I send it out to my customer but I cannot find any manuals or info on it at all All I can do is power it up Does anyone have a link to any manuals? or know what the software's called to program it? I believe it uses the same as the COMCON 110 Much Appreciated
  2. Hello all I have an Allen Bradley industrial PC, Part number 6182-AGAZZC First of all, has anyone got a copy of the CD with the OS on [it runs on Windows CE 3.0] I need to reinstall the OS but i cant find the CD with it on, tried contacting AB but so far i've had no luck Secondly, I've been asked if i can copy the program off one 6182 onto another [the old one has a bad screen and some comms faults, so i've been asked copy the files to a new working unit] I tried using a pcmcia card but it doesnt copy over all the files for the program, and i dont have the pc with which the program was made originally Is it possible to copy the program over via pcmcia, or copying the DOC, or anything? Thanks