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  1. Hello, When using a 4-20mA configured Flex IO 1794-IE8/A with Controllogix, I used to get a raw input of -770* (could be -7701,02,03) when the wires weren't landed. Now with an 1794-IE8/B, I'm only getting the same reading as I would with a 4mA signal, which is a raw input of 0. I know there's an "underrange" bit for the status now, but it gets activated at 4mA or below, so if your instrument is at 4mA, it will alarm as underrange, even though it is a real reading. I see a slight bounce up and down for a 4mA reading, but I really don't want to add a delay timer for the underrange alarm. Anything I'm missing to get this -7701 reading back?