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  1. Hello experts, There's an existing PanelView600 (2711-K6C5 which has only RS-232-DH485 communication port) communicating to a MicroLogix 1500 (it seem to be an LRP processor since the serial communication is connected on the CPU left side) via female-female 9pins ribbon cable (used all 9 wires that I tested just straight-connect). Now my questions: 1) I read that I can upload PV600 project direct to laptop w/serial port using also straight connect 9pins cable (using just pins 2,3 and 5) and 1747 PIC/AIC+ driver on RSLinx. Could I just use the 9pin straight ribbon cable (using all 9pins) currently used by the PV comm. to ML1500 (unplug port to ML1500 then plug to laptop serial)? 2) Could I also use this same cable to upload ML1500 program (unplug PV600 port then plug to laptop serial)? 3) The new PanelView Plus 600 is a 2711P-K7C4A8. Could this new one also used that old same ribbon straight cable? I checked that this PV+ basic RS-232 port could also handle DH485 protocol and I also checked on a manual named "Legacy PanelView to PanelView Plus 6 Catalog Number Conversion" that it seems it's the particularly the correct counterpart of the old PV600, which also particularly emphasize the comm. port (RS-232-DH485). That's exactly what this is supposed to mean right, namely that the 2 panels have similar communication port, hence no need to modify anything on communication (esp. hardware/cable) right? I'm worrying because the plant guys said that those previous conversion, the other guys wasn't able to use the same ribbon 9pins straight cable from ML1500 side port to new PV+, instead they had to use the round port of the ML1500 and then used cable with some converters along the way before reaching the PV+. What do you think? Any inputs would really be appreciated!
  2. Omron FINS Serial vs Hostlink

    Good day, There's an old Omron CPU Sysmac C200HE connected to Siemens SCADA WinCC via RS-232 and seemingly Hostlink protocol (it says "Omron C-Series Hostlink" on WinCC tag management and installed software) Now I found an OPC site which lists C200HE CPU under "FINS Serial" but not under "Hostlink", why is that? Please also check the whole story: Thanks for any response!
  3. Good day experts! There's an old WinCC system (v4 running on Windows NT) that includes Omron CPUs (SYSMAC C200HE CPU42) which communicates via RS232. The WinCC PC station has 9-pins male RS232 port, has "Simatic WinCC OMRON C-Series Hostlink" on installed softwares and also has "OMRON C-SERIES HOSTLINK" on WinCC Tag Management (Driver). Now I want to replace that old WinCC station. Do you think I can also have all of this on the newer PC and WinCC versions available today, say WinCC v7 on Windows 7? If not, what do you think could I do to communicate the said Omron on RS232 with WinCC v7? Thanks for any response!